Hardware Security Module

HSM TrustWay Proteccio® gets
Common Criteria EAL4+ certification


Atos receives
“France Cybersecurity” 

Label for its Evidian
Access Management offer

JavaBooster by bullion

Break Java limits and go real-time!




Bull Drone Shield

Create no fly zones with Bull Drone Shield to protect your sensitive sites from unwanted UAVs.


bullion server

The most advanced workspace
for fast data
Discover a powerful family of
servers with a modular approach

Real time analytics - Finance

Real-time Analytics Appliance for timely decision-making in finance!

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Get to know Bull eXascale Interconnect ' booth on #ISC16. ASICs developed by https://t.co/zFeeMzPbi4 https://t.co/dVjtoFihTI
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It's time to benefit from the progress of research and innovation - Bull #sequana #hpc #NFI https://t.co/CoxA34nFyn https://t.co/MLzqQNPXx3
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Thierry Breton, CEO , presenting Bull #sequana for President at #NFI https://t.co/E6WjSLmKAU https://t.co/EnMetYw1Gv
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MT : .: "The future industry, it's HPC Bull sequana,10 times more effective” #DirectPR #NFI https://t.co/vXF8V2H7rW
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Bull sequana is today presented as part of the French Government conference on #NFI (New Industrial France) https://t.co/EVxzMdQeM1
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RT : Bull sequana as an enabler for our future. Thanks M Macron. https://t.co/wEOsgG5Hjn
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Yesterday’s applications becoming a force for the future - #ITmodernization #bigdata #legacy https://t.co/p3vTIngxmy https://t.co/GHkSY1r68O
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Experience the Bull sequana supercomputer at #ISC16 - #hpc #eXtremeComputing #sequana https://t.co/udda7VETXw https://t.co/cLR8IzqYj6
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A flexible and efficient #DataLake appliance for #DataAnalytics #AtosCodex https://t.co/8rBXpYNDeh https://t.co/8A1HlAAEYi
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T. Breton, CEO : "From the #automotive industry to medicine, data is everywhere" #HPC https://t.co/d3N0h0iiFS https://t.co/N6BgPJkqhv

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