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How can you make your purchases a source of savings?
Backed by its experience of numerous projects in e-procurement, Bull has the necessary expertise to support you at each stage of your IT procurement systems.

Through better information sharing and control of the purchasing process, e-procurement leads to financial savings, as much in terms of internal profitability as return on investment.

  • Increase productivity of purchasers
  • Automate sourcing, consultation and contract drafting processes
  • Improve purchasing performance and your supplier relationship
  • Automate and make your supply chain processes paperless
  • Rationalise processes and improve security
  • Improve control of expenditure
  • Take control of expenditure commitments
  • Improve budgetary control
  • Supply accurate financial information in real time
  • Accelerate and secure the invoice reconciliation process

With its consulting teams made up of business experts, Bulls offers a complete or modular solution to meet your needs, supporting you throughout the design, review and selection process for your e-procurement. Bull offers its services as integrator and its technical knowledge to deploy your IS Purchase successfully and to maintain it.

Support To Systems Consultant (SSC)

The SSC assists customers in steps to review their business processes and helps them align their IS with the needs dictated by their business activities.
Its mission is to support the customer as it changes its information system: from flattening to approval of the new tool, including training users.

Missions :

  • Functional business consulting
  • Carry out opportunity studies
  • Benchmark and lessons learned
  • Study of existing system
  • Help selecting solutions
  • Writing the functional specification
  • Estimating project duration
  • Approving functional tests
  • Supporting and training users
  • Supporting project steering
  • Change management

Support To Design Consultant (SDC)

The SDC helps customers to design their IS and in technical execution of the solutions. When the product is complex, it may be necessary to involve several suppliers. The SDC coordinates them; it ensures consistency and compatibility of supplies goods and services. It coordinates supplier activities by checking technical quality, ensuring deadlines set by the SSC are met and minimising risks.

Missions :

  • Technical consulting
  • Study existing system and choice of solutions
  • Carry out technical impact studies
  • Writing the technical specification
  • Technical project management
  • Tracking delivery of applications and patches
  • Supervising technical acceptance and commissioning phases
  • Validation of technical tests (factory acceptance)

Integration, our expertise

The integration mission consists of integrating applications into the existing data processing environment.

Missions :

  • Business, functional and technical consulting
  • Gap analysis
  • General and detailed design workshops
  • Writing technical and functional specifications
  • Modelling and configuration
  • Specifying interfaces and additional functions
  • Interfacing with the IS
  • Supervising functional acceptance and test phases
  • Preparing and assisting deployment

Third-Party Applications Maintenance (TAM)

TAM is the operational implementation phase for the application: correcting remaining bugs, developing the application to meet the company’s needs, adapting it to changes and upgrades in the technical environment.

Bull / TAM ensures software availability and maintenance, making results-based commitments as part of the agreed budget package. However, the user remains responsible for using the software and the results obtained.

TAM can involve upgrades (purchase order) or corrections (package).

Missions :

  • Guaranteed availability of maintenance and the information system
  • Handling problems
  • Upgrades and corrective maintenance

An effective hosting service:

Bull offers a hosting service for the e-procurement application and its data in SaaS mode or on site.

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