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High value services to guarantee the availability of your critical applications

Applications' operations covers all services related to the proper operation of applications and the application of associated management procedures. Due to the critical nature of this activity, entrusting these operations to a managed services provider requires particular industrial expertise, proximity and sectoral skills.

Preparing the life of the contract

Taking place in project mode, with a dedicated team backed by experts, the purpose of the transition phase is to prepare the target technical infrastructure and organisation for handing over operations and responsibilities to the provider. For Bull this can equally mean taking over the existing technical and/or human organisation in full or undertaking a total redesign of the architecture combined with a ramp-up of skills. Once this step is completed, the technical environments and levels of industrialisation are in place. The procedures are formalised. The relationship between the client's project management and the contractor is structured thanks to reference materials and the implementation of real governance of the contract.

IT Governance

A firm commitment to service levels combined with invoicing per work unit enables rigour and visibility of the contract to be combined with the flexibility needed to respond precisely in a high responsive way to the emergence of new needs and exceptional situations. Transparency is the key to the relationship between Bull and its customers. It uses monitoring and control tools at the operational, tactical and strategic levels. Far from confining the company within standardised contracts, Bull's flexible managed services consist of establishing customised legal, technical, financial and practical arrangements that provide IT departments with the real conditions required for controlled and sustainable progress. For more information...
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Application operations

Bull offers services from its datacenters and applications hosted in its datacenters, or remotely from its datacenters and for applications hosted in its customers' datacenters [Remote Operation

    • Deployment of applications
    • Operations management (change, upgrades, batches, ...)
    • Service Desk (link to service desk page) and application support (link to support page)

      Solutions outsourcing

      These services allow you to focus on a specific business need, responding to a need for incremental roll-out, especially for a large population of users
  • dematerialisation of a procedure
  • financial control
  • electronic safe
  • email archiving
  • PKI infrastructure

Bull's approach is to provide the required flexibility and a comprehensive response, including defining a scalable architecture, the supply and installation of infrastructure, hosting, operations and support for applications. Pre-eminence is given to the "Security" and "Networks" aspects.

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Jean-Pierre Le Treut
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by Jean-Pierre Le-Treut Outsourcing Business Development Manager
GIP-MDS – the French body that enables over two million companies to submit their social security declarations via the Internet – has turned to Bull to host and run its information systems.