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Host and operate your ERP business-critical systems in complete security,
relying on Bull’s in-depth expertises and specific services.

Bull has developed the skills and specific services required for the operation of ERP (SAP, Infor/Baan, Oracle Applications ...):

  • implementation and management of specific environments
  • recurrent operation
  • administration with specific expertise to provide updates and migrations (patches, upgrades, new versions)
  • performance checking
  • security
  • support.

Besides the specific features of ERP, the adoption of a single application by many customers enables Bull to pool specific expertise across multiple contracts and its customers to benefit from all the expertise they need.

Bull is "SAP certified in hosting services"

Bull meets all the requirements of ERP SAP hosting and is SAP certified in Hosting Services, demonstrating its ability to operate in a technical SAP environment by meeting all the criteria required by SAP AG in terms of quality of service and customer satisfaction and providing the required service: expertise, resources, security, business continuity, process and organisation, data security, support and project management.

SAP Certified in Hosting services


Outsourcing : a strategic driver for L’Occitane To support its international expansion, cosmetics company L’Occitane has turned to Bull to host and operate its business-critical systems.
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