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A one-stop shop for your software and hardware calls

A publisher-approved support centre

Bull Software Support, a publisher-approved support centre, provides interoperability advice and software support with global monitoring of cases and escalation to publishers.

SAP/Business Objects, ORACLE, INFORMATICA, IBM / Informix

  • BTS experts provide considerable expertise in data management:
  • Local support linked to the Bull service teams.
  • Highly responsive experts answers (Call back within an hour).
  • Advice & telephone support in French.
  • Support tailored to the customer's context integrating the interoperability of the software.


Bull Software Support is Premier Business Partner certified.


Gold Partner certified, Bull is 1 of only 2 Microsoft support partners in France thus providing France for thus providing an important and responsive service with access to Microsoft's R&D support teams.


Bull provides a range of value-added services in addition to VMware support and maintenance. The customer can benefit from a one-stop shop, personalised reception, VMware integration and interoperability with the operating systems.

open access

Secure access to Open Sourcethanks to industrial support Bull provides complete industrial assistance and is capable of providing support and advice 24h/24, 7d/7, by calling the support teams at Levels 2 and 3.


An Open Source Support Centre

This centre provides industrial Open Source support of publisher class through a one-stop shop

Our own skills, our R&D, our proximity with communities and our partnership contracts allow us to guarantee to you transparently, industrial Open Source support of publisher class through a one-stop shop

Bull Software Support supports a large number of Open Source softwares (Red Hat, SuSE, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Virtualization, Nagios, JOnAS, JBoss, eXo, Bonita, PostgreSQL, MySQL ...)

The main features:

  • Industrial and secure advice and support for Open Source components.
  • Integration and implementation of software in the customer's environment.
  • Engineering (creation/testing/maintenance of software stacks).
  • R&D partnership with the Open Source community. • Interoperability of Open Source software.

Multiple Software Publisher services

Reduce your software maintenance costs while improving support for your IT teams

The SLME offering is a service offering comprehensive and personalised multi-vendor software. Bull assists you in optimising your maintenance contracts: streamlining of licences, definition of customer needs, negotiation with publishers. SLME includes the provision of a one-stop shop for all the Customer's information system software (and hardware).

The main features:

  • GManagement of software contracts
  • Streamlining of the maintenance base
  • Monitoring of customer quality commitments
  • Partners of leading vendors in the market
  • Control and reduction of costs of ownership of software


The main reasons to choose Bull's support offerings

  1. Calls answered 24/7 and filing of cases via the Internet
  2. Call back within a hour for urgent calls by a qualified expert in the field and your environment
  3. Management of communication links and multiple vendor support of the various layers of the software application or the information system
  4. A one-stop shop for all hardware and software calls
  5. Personalised tracking of cases through a Technical Account Manager and a dedicated website
  6. Reassurance from publishers through Bull partnerships or by default the support contract taken out by the customer
  7. Support offering that may be extended to include consulting services upstream, preventive monitoring, auditing of performance and the redesign of architectures
  8. Dedicated software support centre, an industrial player capitalising on over 20 years of expertise in the publisher and and Open Source worlds
  9. Closure of cases after the Customer's express agreement
  10. .Access to all of the Bull group's resources
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