The comprehensive, scalable Business Intelligence appliance

All the power of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or 2012 data integration services, multi-dimensional analysis, data mining and reporting, in a single, easy-to-implement and fully optimized appliance

Bull Fast Track is a complete, scalable BI appliance, featuring the Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 database engine as well as data integration services, multi-dimensional analysis, data mining and reporting. Totally integrated, with performance specifically optimized for BI usage, Bull Fast Track is extremely straightforward and easy to implement.

A global, integrated solution:

A ‘plug and play’ solution. Bull Fast Track is a datawarehousing and Business Intelligence solution featuring all the necessary BI application components. Not only does it include the database engine for the construction of powerful datawarehouses and datamarts, it also features dedicated environments for:

  • Data integration
  • Analysis and restitution
  • Solution management
  • Back-up and restore operations

Everything is supervised and administered from a single environment. What’s more, an integral back-up server ensures service continuity with no loss of performance.

High-performance architecture. Bull Fast Track has been designed around the SMP datawarehouse reference architecture defined by Microsoft. Its characteristics include:

  • Sequential data access, for improved linear performance compared with ‘random’ access
  • Close hardware-software integration to guarantee the best possible performance by using each component of the solution to its maximum capacity
  • A solution in perfect harmony with the existing BI ecosystem.

Personalized support. In order to respond to different needs, Bull Fast Track is available in several different, scalable versions both in terms of the hardware and the application services provided. As an experienced integrator of complex infrastructures, Bull will support you throughout your project to provide:

  • An integrated, turnkey solution
  • Comprehensive, high-level services to guarantee the perfect integration of your BI information system: level 1, 2 and 3 support; Proof of Concept (POC) center; mentoring and skills transfer; customization and personalization; integration…
Leading-edge, easy to implement Business Intelligence services

Bull Fast Track brings together all the necessary services for effective decision support.

SQL Server 2008R2 or 2012 database. Bull Fast Track hosts the Microsoft SQL Server database on a dedicated Intel-based Bull NovaScale architecture. The RDBMS directly accesses an available secure data area within the dedicated storage sub-system.

Data integration. Bull Fast Track includes Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) which allows data to be extracted and transformed from a wide range of sources – such as XML data files, flat files and relational data sources – and then loaded into the database.

Multi-dimensional analysis. Bull Fast Track natively incorporates Microsoft Analysis Services (SSAS), on a dedicated architecture for high-performance design, creation and management of multi-dimensional structures containing large amounts of aggregated data. SSAS enables complex data exploration solutions to be created, to identify trends and themes present within the data and facilitate decision-making.

Restitution. Bull Fast Track uses Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. SSRS provides a complete range of ready-to-use tools and services to help create, implement and manage reports about the organization, as well as programing functions enabling the report creation functions to be extended and customized.

Administration and supervision. Bull System Management (BSM) and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio services are used to administer the Bull Fast Track solution; a function performed centrally on an integrated console.

High availability. Bull Fast Track features a disaster recovery server which is automatically activated if the database server or multi-dimensional analysis service fails, with no negative impact on performance.

Back-up. Bull Fast Track includes a dedicated back-up and restores storage area for all user data. These functions are carried out using the Microsoft SQL Server back-up mechanisms. The dedicated storage area can be accessed using standard archiving solutions.

An appropriate process of evolution

Bull Fast Track has been designed to respond in a flexible, scalable way to all types of project requirements (from the simplest to the most strategic). There are several different versions of the solution available that can subsequently be updated via a simple ‘Scale Out’ process carried out on site.

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