Big Data

Take advantage of all the opportunities
opened by the value-added exploitation of big data

Enrich the existing infrastructure towards new use cases

Big Data use cases are diverse and their optimization requires differentiated technical architectures. Bull has designed pre-built systems tailored to different use cases. They allow you to summon the most suitable technological architecture, whether it is for real-time or quasi real-time processing to  either deal with massive data, or for complex event processing, data streams processing, with all kinds of architectures: distributed, massively parallel, 'in-memory', etc.

  • Real-time semantic analysis use cases developed by Sinequa on basis of bullion servers and their unmatched "in-memory" capacities.
  • bullion fast data analytics, resulting from technological collaboration between Bull and Pivotal can analyze real-time data from the massive digital economy.
  • Bull has developed several models of Hadoop appliances adapting to the demands of computing power and storage capacity while optimizing the price-performance ratio.

These pre-integrated systems complete Bull analytical infrastructure portfolio (Fast-track, massively parallel appliances). They also allow to cross the information system traditional data (production system, data warehouse) and external data - structured or unstructured - to develop new use cases.

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EMC, Gigaspaces, MapR, Microsoft, MongoDB, Parstream, Pivotal, QuartetFS, SAP, Sinequa, Software AG, Tibco
Bull also works with many Open sources solutions in the Hadoop, NoSQL, newSQL and CEP ecosystem.


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Manufacturing – « What businesses can learn from big data and high performance analytics in the manufacturing industry’ »

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