Big Data

Take advantage of all the opportunities
opened by the value-added exploitation of big data

Enhance your data to boost your business

Bull Big Data solutions meet the most demanding requirements in terms of flexibility, availability, responsiveness and security.

Bull has acquired expertise in real-time big data critical information systems (real-time index calculations, matching & reconciliation, routing and multi-book continents orders, calculation of real-time value at risk) on different types of architectures: distributed, massively parallel, 'in-memory', etc.

With this experience, Bull has established Big Data use cases revolving around four major challenges such as innovation, operational excellence, customer intimacy and trust.

Use cases
• Application fault & Performance management
• Cross selling
• Detailed product segmentation
• Application Fault & Performance management
• Fraud detection
• Maintenance assistance
• Optimization (SEO, content, etc.)
• Personalized customer mailing
• Product placement
• Real-time promotion
• Social networks analysis (feelings, etc.)
• Support in monitoring R&D
• Target marketing / Retargeting



EMC, Gigaspaces, MapR, Microsoft, MongoDB, Parstream, Pivotal, QuartetFS, SAP, Sinequa, Software AG, Tibco
Bull also works with many Open sources solutions in the Hadoop, NoSQL, newSQL and CEP ecosystem.


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Manufacturing – « What businesses can learn from big data and high performance analytics in the manufacturing industry’ »

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