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Bio Demo Center: Solution Focused Workshops
The Bio Demo Center is setting up tailor made Solution Workshops to encourage you to discover new ways to attain your IT and business challenges, this being in areas of Virtualization, Cloud computing, Green IT, Database and System migration around Bull’s novascale and Escala enterprise servers.

Virtualization for improved flexibility and agility

Whether you are looking to design a new infrastructure using the latest virtualization technologies for servers, workstation and storage virtualization, or simply to make the most of your current server infrastructure, the Bio Demo Center can demonstrate the various solutions that can be implemented, and their respective advantages.

A secure path to the Cloud

Thanks to Cloud computing, accessing hardware and software resources will become an easy and natural thing to do, and the underlying systems, consolidated into vast “computing power plants”, will disappear behind intuitive interfaces. But the less visible it is physically, the more critical this infrastructure will become. For clients involved at the “heart of the Cloud”, issues of security, performance, availability and energy efficiency will be more vital than ever. At the Bio Demo Center you can engage in stimulating and relevant discussions with Bull experts for practical advice on architectures and implementation of efficient and secure cloud solutions for your private Cloud (e.g. with Escala enterprise servers).

Energy efficient IT infrastructure

The best way to address the needs of today’s data center is to provide energy efficient solutions while keeping the operating expenditure under control. At the Bio Demo Center we can present and demonstrate tools and methodologies that Bull offers to ensure the efficient and routine control of the energy consumed by your systems and your entire infrastructure

Scalable and secure Oracle DB infrastructure

Infrastructure and technology are not enough to meet all your business requirements. How can you ensure that the service quality required is actually available to your users at all times, that your resources are used properly and conform to your business objectives and that they are running in a secured environment?
Your data and databases are critical to your business. With expert guidance from Bull’s Database Competence Center, you will learn how you, with Bull and its Escala enterprise servers, can put in place a secured server environment for your Oracle database infrastructure. Obtain the best cost of ownership for your entire database infrastructure, while reducing the cost of operation of your servers and minimising database licence costs.

Simplify your infrastructure

Many organizations are faced with major strategic decisions about the future of their IT infrastructures. Constant pressure to reduce costs, the need to simplify and rationalise distributed or scattered infrastructures or deploy new applications in readiness for economic recovery are constant requirements. Dilemmas, when it comes to the future strategy and commitment of certain existing UNIX enterprise server vendors, make the future more uncertain, and decisions need to be taken.
At the Bio Demo Center our experts can advise you on critical consolidation and migration tasks necessary to achieve a unified, cost-effective and secured infrastructure. Topics such as Bull’s UNIFY Methodology, advanced migration tools, expertise and flexible Escala system architectures can be interesting elements in these discussions.

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