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10 key reasons for selecting Bull Blade Series

  1. Energy Efficiency
    Bull Blade Series provides the ideal cornerstone for evolving any datacenter to a Bio Data Center, enabling the optimization of the power/watt ratio within Bull’s global and sustainable approach to the IT infrastructure, Green IT.

  2. Flexibility
    Bull Blade Series can be tailored to the different types of applications, environments and performance requirements you have in your business today and tomorrow. With, Bull Blade Series you can add as you grow, protecting your investment and ensuring compatibility.

  3. Simplification
    Bull Blade Series provides simplification of deployment, maintenance, support, provisioning, operations and integration thanks to its enterprise architecture.

  4. Freedom of Choice with Confidence
    Want POWER and Intel, in a no worries, all-in-one package? Bull Blade Series offers it all! Taking advantage of POWER, “the leading UNIX/RISC technology”, with the proven LINUX/VMware technology, your IT architecture is built with the most solid foundations.

  5. Application access
    Application availability through innovative IT infrastructure solutions: Bull provides enterprise class application access and HA999 services for datacenter needs.

  6. Manageability
    Bull System Manager is a proven management package, handling administration to intervention for one to thousands of servers, running VMware, AIX, Linux or Windows.

  7. Storage Support
    Bull Blade Series supports your storage solution needs. From internal storage, to storage blades, to SAN and boot on SAN support, Bull Blade Series has the storage solution adapted to your needs. Bull StoreWay solutions are designed to meet the most demanding needs for storage, archival and backup.

  8. Cost Reduction
    Bull Blade Series is available with industry leading solutions for consolidation and virtualization including PowerVM, VMware and Citrix Xen Desktop.

  9. Safety in Numbers
    Bull has the experience as a proven leader being able to deliver tens of thousands of blade servers. Bull blade servers are used throughout Europe, South America and Africa in projects as diverse as (SAP™/Oracle™) application servers; consolidation and virtualization projects in hospitals and governments; and server-based computing.

  10. Expertise
    Leveraging on our unique experience in complex infrastructures, Bull has developed the expertise you need; from file-server installation to design, deployment and management of one of the largest SAP infrastructures in Europe on Bull Blade Series.
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