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January 2006

European ambitions

D Lamouche

Bull is coming to the fore in the world of high performance computing with the delivery of Tera-10, the European champion of supercomputers, to the French Atomic Energy Authority (the CEA). So this is the perfect moment, I am convinced, for Europe to reassert its ambitions in the IT industry. As China invests in this area, Europe really has no alternative but to reclaim its position in this most strategic of sectors. Bull, as the only remaining truly European IT manufacturer – capable of delivering Tera-10 several days earlier than planned, even despite very tight initial timescales – is in an excellent position to be a driving force in bringing together the European arm of the industry.

At a time when IT and telecoms are converging more than ever, Bull can claim to be a key player in ensuring the openness and interoperability of information systems. It’s our core culture and our area of expertise. And it's what our Architect of an Open World communications campaign, which overtly flies the flag for freedom and openness, is all about. With all our capabilities in integrating heterogeneous systems and our offerings which enable our customers to take control of their own destinies – whether it’s open servers, HPC solutions, IT security or data encryption… – Bull has everything it takes to once again claim our rightful place in the modernization of IT infrastructures. The major projects we have won recently for the French Post Office, various customs, taxation and healthcare authorities around Europe, and leading telecoms operators around the world, are the clearest sign of this.
A totally public company, having delivered operating profits for 12 quarters in succession, Bull has been successfully growing now since Q2 2005. If 2005 was the year of rejuvenation, 2006 should be the year when we reconquer the market.
This newsletter will be a regular meeting post to share ideas and experiences with you. Our channels of communication are open to feed the debates around information technologies and the most innovative of projects.
On behalf of everyone who works for Bull, I would like to wish you all the very best for 2006, and I hope you enjoy reading this.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



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