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January 2006
Experts voice
Bull Escala: Scalability & High Availability for Business Critical Environments

“Customers of Groupe Bull know that the company pays close attention to the changing needs of the computing marketplace and extends its product offerings to address those evolving requirements. This respected developer of enterprise-class servers supports its long-time customers with enhanced mainframe systems and now offers systems based on "industry-standard" hardware and software for customers seeking Windows and Linux solutions. Nonetheless, UNIX on RISC servers remains the computing foundation for many customers. To address those needs, Bull's Escala product line delivers the scalable performance of POWER processors running the robust AIX UNIX operating system.”

Download the IDEAS International White Paper >>

Evidian / Gartner exclusive white paper: leveraging Identity and Access Management with quick ROI

"Customers, employees and partners are an enterprise's most precious asset. In a networked world,
they are also just a click away. How to manage identities and access to IT services for thousands,
even millions, of people, easily and securely, without seeing administration complexity explode?
Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies increasingly show promise for streamlining
enterprise agility, security and productivity, as one of the cornerstones of information systems.

Discover “Identity & Access Management NOW >”, a white paper that provides exclusive Gartner and Evidian insight on IAM promises and optimization strategies. Based on the real-life experience of some of the largest corporations and organizations worldwide, this paper provides best practices to help decision makers to assess the benefits of IAM, evaluate golden rules for streamlining IAM deployment and learn about IAM outlook and perspective.

Download the White Paper >>

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