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January 2006
Business cases
• La Poste (France)
• SERPRO (Brazil)
• Dassault Aviation (France)
  • PowerLeader (China)
• MNH (French Mutual Insurance Company)
• Marjane Derb Soltan (Morocco)

Mutual Insurance company (MNH, Mutuelle nationale des Hospitaliers) chooses Bull NovaScale 7000 to host its GCOS 7 and Linux applications

Bull’s new-generation NovaScale 7000 server meets MNH’s demands in terms of openness, power, ease of operation and cost reduction
MNH, France ’s leading insurance company in the healthcare sector, has in excess of 630,000 members and processes some 25 million healthcare forms. MNH chose the NovaScale 7000 – which has already been running as a pilot implementation for a number of months – in response to the growth in its membership and the increasing complexity of social security regulations.

Open architecture enables consolidation of production, development and new Linux applications
The NovaScale 7000 will enable MNH to consolidate its GCOS 7 production and development systems – as well as a Linux environment destined for the testing and subsequent deployment of new applications, most importantly email and shared diary facilities – onto a single server. In addition, the NovaScale 7000 will share the firm’s back-up solution with Bull Escala servers running under AIX.
“The new NovaScale 7000 server is the perfect answer to our growing requirements in terms of power, whilst also meeting our need to control costs. By consolidating different types of environments, it will simplify our production tasks, while at the same time reducing our costs. We were also attracted by the flexibility it offers us, enabling us to easily reallocate resources from one environment to another,” explains Michel Hennebert, Information Systems Manager at MNH.

GCOS 7 applications switched over in under 24 hours
The new server was installed in a matter of hours, and the switchover of applications to the new machine was achieved in the space of less than 24 hours. Users of the firm’s GCOS 7 applications immediately noticed a significant improvement in performance and a complete restoration of all the functionality from the previous environment, underlining the new server’s total compatibility.
“We are delighted that MNH opted for the NovaScale 7000,” said Michel Lepert, Bull’s General Manager, Products and Systems. “Their choice reflects Bull’s ability to offer its customers open architectures that contribute to the modernization of their infrastructures and enable them to offer new services to meet tomorrow’s challenges, while also maximizing their return on existing investments.”

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