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January 2006
Business cases
• La Poste (France)
• SERPRO (Brazil)
• Dassault Aviation (France)
  • PowerLeader (China)
• MNH (French Mutual Insurance Company)
• Marjane Derb Soltan (Morocco)

In Brazil, SERPRO chooses Bull to supply nationwide border control solution, in a contract worth 21 million Reais (equivalent to €7.8 million)

Contract includes supplying identification and authentication solution for travel documents (passports, etc), to be used at airports, harbors and land borders and integrated with International Traffic System (STI), a border control solution developed by SERPRO for the Brazilian federal police force.

In December 2005, Bull signed a contract with SERPRO (the Brazilian government’s federal data processing service) to supply products and services for a border control management solution, to be used by the Brazilian federal police force.

The project involves automating the identification and authentication of travel documents at Brazil’s border operations, and is part of a more extensive program being carried out by the Brazilian federal police, known as PROMASP (program for the modernization, improvement and security of international traffic inspection and Brazilian passport control), aimed at implementing up-to-date processes for managing and controlling issuing, inspection and verification of travel documents in Brazil.

The aim of this project – to be delivered by Bull – is to provide to the Brazilian federal police with a solution to be implemented at all the 50 different locations throughout the country where travel documents are routinely inspected (including airports, harbors and land border crossings).

The implementation of STI will give border control officers a powerful technological tool for identifying and authenticating travel documents, checking whether they are valid, or have been faked or tampered with, and, where they are valid, confirming that the person who carries it is its rightful owner (using biometric face and fingerprint comparison methods).

Bull is the prime contractor and systems integrator on the project, integrating a solution from VIISAGE (based in Billerica in the USA), a company with extensive knowledge and experience in border controls already implemented in other countries around the world including Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden and the Netherlands, among others. The company is also well known for its expertise and solutions in biometric identification, criminal identification and law enforcement.

Throughout the lifecycle of the contract, Bull will supply specific hardware to SERPRO, to be installed at all 50 sites where the solution will be used, as well as basic application software, software customization, training and specific infrastructure projects during the first phase of the project. Bull will also provide hardware/software support and maintenance for five years after the implementation, at all the locations where the solution is being implemented.

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