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March 2006
At a glance
Single electronic patient record: Siemens-Bull-EDS consortium becomes Santénergie, a name reflecting its commitment to patients and healthcare professionals alike

The consortium formed by Siemens, Bull and EDS – which was chosen to take part in one of the ‘demonstrator projects’ in mid October 2005, using a base of 10,000 fictitious patient records – has a new name: Santénergie (a combination of the French words for health ‘santé’ and energy ‘énergie’).
Santénergie brings together the partners’ long-term skills, experience and commitment, all qualities which will be major advantages when it comes to the public sector body that makes the very final choice of supplier for the project, the GIP-DMP (the public interest group). The partners are:
•  Siemens: the world leader in electronic patient record management, with in excess of 200 million records being managed using their solutions worldwide, including in the USA, Sweden, Germany and France)
•  Bull: an expert in open infrastructures and secure hosting services, particularly for the healthcare industry
•  EDS: the world’s leading IT services company, with a comprehensive range of offerings, particularly in business process management.

The DMP (dossier médical personnel or single electronic patient record) project is one of the keystones of French government policy. The aims of the Santénergie consortium are absolutely in line with those of the DMP project, which should be a unifying force for all health workers and care professionals, bringing benefits to patients thanks to the increased information sharing and the associated enhancement of professional practices that it should enable.
Eventually, in 2007, everyone in France, who is registered for social security insurance, will be able to request the creation of a single personal electronic record, bringing together all his or her medical history. This is designed to:
•  Encourage co-ordination, better quality and continuity of care.
•  Improve the communication of medical information, under the patient’s own control.
•  Reduce the number of ‘iatrogenic’ incidents (medical diseases induced inadvertently by a medical treatment), as well as unnecessary examinations or tests.

Santénergie will implement the DMP project in four of the French regions: Loire, Limousin, Midi-Pyrénées and Normandie. In this initial phase of the project, Santénergie will be collaborating with dozens of public and private sector healthcare establishments, several hundred family doctors, generalist and specialist practitioners, and paramedical staff (from laboratories, radiology centers, pharmacies etc), as well as from the various healthcare networks (hospital-to-home care, etc.) and patients’ associations.


New World Performance Record for Bull NovaScale Server with Oracle (TPC-H benchmark)

Bull and Oracle Deliver Stellar Performance for Demanding Data Warehouse Applications

Bull and Oracle today announced a new record-setting TPC-H One Terabyte (TB) benchmark for a 32 processor system running Oracle® Database 10 g Release 2 on Linux and using the Xyratex RS-1600-FC2 storage enclosures.

Running on a Bull NovaScale 6320, with 32 Intel® Itanium® 2 1.6 GHz 6 MB L3 Cache processors on Linux, Oracle® Database 10 g Release 2 achieved record performance and price-performance for a 32 CPU system of 34,987.50 QphH@1000GB, $38.41 QphH@1000GB.

Bull is highly involved in Open Source, as an IT maker, as an integrator through a full services offering, and finally as an added-value ISV. Bull’s R&D investments have given Bull a leading edge in the Open Source arena. Today’s results prove NovaScale Intel® Itanium® 2 based servers, together with Oracle Database 10g, are ideal platforms for high-performing data warehouse applications,” said Henri Pfahl, vice president of the NovaScale server business unit of Bull.

Note: TPC-H is a decision support benchmark consisting of a suite of business oriented ad-hoc queries and concurrent data modifications. The performance metric is called the TPC-H Composite Query-per-Hour Performance Metric (QphH@Size) and reflects multiple aspects of the capability of the system to process queries. More information is available at

More information >>


Bull and Informatica sign technology and commercial agreement to supply comprehensive infrastructure solutions

Informatica Corporation, the leading supplier of data integration solutions, and Bull, one of Europe’s leading IT companies, have today announced a reseller, support and integration agreement for Informatica solutions. The agreement covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa and also includes a technology partnership involving porting Informatica’s PowerCenter and PowerExchange Itanium ® 2 solutions for Bull’s NovaScale server family. The power of Bull’s NovaScale and Escala servers, combined with the significant functionality of PowerCenter and PowerExchange, will extend organizations’ capabilities in:

  • Data warehouse population
  • Data integration
  • Data migration
  • Data synchronization (or management).

Having already implemented numerous business intelligence projects incorporating Informatica’s products, Bull can now draw on the expertise of several dozen experienced consultants to provide data integration and implementation services involving Informatica solutions.

“I have already been able to appreciate how well the Bull and Informatica business teams complement each other, during the feasibility study for our future business intelligence architecture. I am very pleased that this partnership – which will further strengthen Bull’s PowerCenter expertise – is being signed. For us, the fact that Bull and Informatica will be working more closely together helps to guarantee the effectiveness of Bull’s assistance on our project,” underlines Jean-Michel Pascal, IT Studies and Development Manager at the Union Financière de France (UFF).


Bull and Objectweb award ObjectWeb 2006 Best Use Cases trophies to Mandriva, ViaContext and LibreSource

As in 2005, Bull once again organized the annual ObjectWeb 2006 Best Use Cases awards, which recognize some of the most innovative projects from among the thousands of applications being developed worldwide using ObjectWeb middleware.
Founded in 2002 by France Telecom R&D, Bull and INRIA (the French national institute for IT research), ObjectWeb is a consortium which now brings together several dozen organizations and major industry players (Bull, France Telecom, INRIA, Iona, MySQL, Novell, Red Hat, Thales…), combining forces to create next-generation Open Source middleware.

The three Award winners were voted for by the ObjectWeb consortium user community, from amongst the eight nominees in three categories:
•  Enterprise Java category: production use of ObjectWeb enterprise Java components and platforms. This Award was won by MandrivaClub, an on-line new-generation information exchange platform offering opportunities to share experiences (blogs, forum multi-lingual facilities…) for members of the Mandriva community. Since Summer 2005, t he Club has been relying entirely upon the XWiki Content Management System from ObjectWeb.
•  ISV & Integration category: commercial offering or development embedding some ObjectWeb components. The Award went to ViaContext, an XML knowledge-management platform, which actively involves the user by providing custom views on the content. Documents and content from existing archives can be combined with personal content and comments, and explored collaboratively. ViaContext uses Enhydra/JOnAS software from ObjectWeb.
•  Jury’s Special Prize. This was awarded to LibreSource, a software platform dedicated to software development and management of distributed communities. Libre Source offers a shared, virtual environment which enables geographically spread teams to work simultaneously on common software projects. LibreSource is based on the JOnAS and Bonita software from ObjectWeb.

“As one of the co-founders of ObjectWeb, we are delighted to see the global success of components developed by ObjectWeb, as the quality of the projects nominated for these Awards clearly demonstrates,” said Boris Auche, Director of Open Source Development Activities at Bull Services and a member of the ObjectWeb Executive Committee. “Today, Open Source is proving a very pragmatic way for companies to access robust software resources so they can build innovative applications in the most demanding environments, and develop their businesses as a result. As ‘Architect of an Open World’ and a contributor to major Open Source consortiums such as ObjectWeb, Apache, Eclipse and OSDL, Bull is actively involved in and heavily committed to this evolution.”

More information >>


Bull joins ASS2L (Association of Open Source Software Services Companies) as an associate partner

As part of the development of its Open Source activities, Bull has become the first major company to join the ASS2L (Association des Sociétés de Services en Logiciel or Association of Open Source Software Services Companies) as an associate partner.

ASS2L brings together over 50 Open Source specialists in France to create a dynamic industry network, at the cutting edge of open solutions technologies. By supporting ASS2L, Bull is adding weight to the community of open solutions players, by providing the powerful support of one of the biggest companies active in Open Source software.

Experts from Bull’s R&D centers are recognized by and involved in many different Open Source communities: so they will be able to share their know-how with other companies that are members of ASS2L in areas such as training, support and links with other experts in the various communities.

By backing ASS2L – providing support and distributing international Open Source base code, as well as working collaboratively on service offerings – Bull will encourage the further development of open solutions and ASS2L itself, both in France and more widely in Europe.


Bull wins top award at TOP COM 2006 for corporate communications strategy

Bull, with its advertising agency TBWA Corporate, has been awarded the TOP COM prize for corporate communications strategy in the Corporate/B-to-B category, for its campaigns in the second half of 2005.

The French Congress of Corporate Business Communication – which sponsors the TOP COM awards that recognize the most effective communications activities of the year – was impressed by the relevance and timeliness of Bull’s communication strategy, rolled out in a three-stage campaign over the Autumn to help transform the Group’s image:
•  The Back in Business campaign in September was designed to close the gap between the new face of Bull and the perception in the marketplace. It focused on the Group’s financial performance, commercial energy and expertise in the very latest technologies. It proved a clear sign that Bull is once again a force to be reckoned with.
•  The launch of a new logo – unveiled for this campaign – as well as a new corporate identity manual. The logo, symbolizing modernity, openness and vitality, symbolizes a business that is totally transformed, dynamic and fiercely ambitious.
•  The Architect of an Open World™ campaign of Q4 2005 revealed Bull’s vision of the marketplace and new positioning, based firmly on the ‘openness’ of its solutions. “We wanted to put the emphasis on the idea of ‘freedom’,” confirmed Matthew Foxton, Bull’s Director of Corporate Communication. “Bull is positioning itself as a pioneer in the combination of industry standards and open systems, a partner that can help public and private sector customers alike to break free from the shackles of the past and open up their information systems in total security,” he went on to explain.

At the awards ceremony, Didier Lamouche, Bull Chairman and Chief Executive, said: “I am delighted to receive this award, in recognition of our successful communication strategy. We wanted to communicate in a way that broke with the past, whilst still acknowledging it. Bull is now a totally privatized company, which is growing and winning ways. It was time to let people know about that: and this is what we did.





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