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March 2006
Business cases
• SNCF (France)
• Pininfarina (Italy)
  • Sonaca (Belgium)
• Lelystad (Netherlands)

SNCF implements its new Oracle procurement portal with Bull and CSC

French national rail company SNCF awarded a CSC/Bull partnership the contract to develop its new purchasing portal and procurement database, based on Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise ERP platform.

SNCF has gone live with its new purchasing management portal (incorporating a procurement database), based on Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise solution and developed jointly by CSC and Bull. The new system will enable 5,000 users to process all the annual purchasing requirements for SNCF’s activities, including its rail business.
In order to optimize its activities, SNCF chose the eProcurement, Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing modules of PeopleSoft Enterprise. The new portal effectively provides SNCF’s procurement teams with a powerful sourcing tool that enables them to manage invitations to tender and reverse bidding on line, and develop a ‘family’ strategy for categorizing purchases and referencing suppliers.
The system is further supplemented by a paperless billing and supplier accounting system based on the AP module, also implemented by a group led by CSC.

SNCF is keen to use information technology to its full potential, to improve its internal efficiency and serve its customers better. The new purchasing portal is a key element of its ERP program, which aims to bring the company’s business activities, processes and internal management systems up to the same level as the best large businesses in Europe,” explained Jean-Pierre Menanteau, SNCF’s Director of Finance, Purchasing, Information Systems and Telecommunications.

Working towards simplifying and harmonizing procurement practices
The implementation of the PeopleSoft Enterprise ERP solution at the heart of SNCF’s information systems is line with its chosen approach to simplify and harmonize its business practices to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the administrative costs associated with purchasing. The solution that has been implemented will provide:
•  A tool to help define the company’s procurement strategy
•  Automation of certain administrative tasks
•  A reduction in the number of purchases not covered by pre-negotiated contracts
•  Increased file traceability
•  An improvement of working practices to bring them in line with the best practices incorporated in the standard processes offered by the PeopleSoft ERP package.

To achieve this, SNCF turned to a joint team from CSC and Bull, which was responsible for the overall system design and the detailed business process, and the implementation of the Oracle ERP solution, including specific developments, data recovery processes, interfaces and customization, as well as support for implementation and user training.

Bull’s expertise resides in its ability to help its customers all every stage in the reworking of their business processes and in aligning their information systems with business needs. To achieve this, Bull’s 300 business intelligence and ERP consultants know how to make the most of the available technologies thanks to their in-depth knowledge of business functions including procurement, finance, the supply chain, manufacturing and human resources. This project is proof of the continued successful development of Bull’s consultancy offerings,” affirmed Michel Husson, Director of Bull’s Services Management business.

Having successfully gone live in December 2005, the project will continue to be developed during 2006, most notably with a regional roll out. This latest phase of the project will also set in motion the preparation for application maintenance, where CSC and Bull will again be applying their functional and technical expertise.

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