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March 2006
Hot topics

Consortium of Capgemini, LINAGORA and Bull wins France ’s biggest ever Open Source software contract

Capgemini, LINAGORA and Bull recently won the largest Open Source support, maintenance and solution development project in the country, as part of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry’s COPERNIC program. The deal is worth a minimum of €15 million and a maximum of €40 million over three years.

The first government ministry in France to make a large-scale commitment to bringing in Open Source expertise, support and consulting, the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry (MINEFI) has confirmed that this approach is a technology of choice for major public sector information system modernization programs.

A strategic project

The widespread and intensive use of Open Source software within various major departments of MINEFI since 2000 has led to a need to:
•  Ensure greater confidence in the choice of Open Source solutions, which have become a strategic pillar in the construction of public sector information systems
•  Establish this approach as a genuine driver for managing and reducing costs
•  Guarantee the scalability of information systems whilst also ensuring greater interoperability, service continuity and higher levels of maintainability on projects, by constantly updating public servants’ skill-sets.

"Using Open Source software in an ‘industrial’ way has contributed significantly to the achievement of our strategic objectives regarding information systems control, durability and independence,” explained Jean-Marie Lapeyre, Technical Director responsible for the Fiscal Information System and the pioneer of this approach at MINEFI.

MINEFI turned to the IT industry to find suppliers capable of responding to the challenges of ‘industrialization’, with an invitation to tender covering support, maintenance and associated services for over a hundred Open Source software solutions. The proposal put forward by the consortium of Capgemini, the prime contractor, LINAGORA and Bull was chosen: an approach which builds on the complementary skills and resources of three highly-respected and committed companies.

The three-year deal is split into two parts: one confirmed support, maintenance and technology watch contract– based on LINAGORA’s TM2L (Third-party maintenance of Open Source software) solution – and the other involving individual purchase orders (delivered by Capgemini, LINAGORA and Bull), both bringing together the different business units from the partner companies offering the most appropriate expertise and services for migration, porting, implementation, evolution and monitoring.
Bull is providing these services for operating system, security, system supervision and databases.

As a result of the contract, MINEFI will have access to:
•  Genuine uninterrupted service in terms of the availability of the Open Source solutions they use (over 100 pieces of software being supported and maintained)
•  Know-how and expertise that will enable them to carry out wide-ranging migration to Open Source solutions in several key areas: file servers, email messaging, directories, workstations, PKI, etc.

As Jean Pierre Barbéris, General Manager Bull Services and Solutions, summed up: “We are very proud to have won this very big contract, along with our partners. It highlights just how interested major customers are in open systems, and the level of maturity that their projects have attained. This king of project confirms the relevance and timeliness of our strategy in this area of Open Source. Launched in November 2005, our Open Energy services offering focuses on taking a professional, ‘industrial’ approach throughout the Open Source solutions implementation lifecycle.”

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