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March 2006
Business cases
• SNCF (France)
• Pininfarina (Italy)
  • Sonaca (Belgium)
• Lelystad (Netherlands)
Pininfarina trusts Bull NovaScale Server to host its HPC applications

Bull and Pininfarina signed a contract to implement a high-performance computing center dedicated to product simulation and analyzing finished components.

Pininfarina – historically the leading Italian and worldwide automotive design company – has chosen Bull to supply a first set of NovaScale 4020 servers, for the implementation of a high-performance computing (HPC) center dedicated to managing the computer simulation of the project cycles/production processes for their own cars.

The computer simulation of the whole project/process cycle enables the company to assess the feasibility and quality of every single component in advance, before physically producing the prototype. Using simulation, supported by high performance IT systems, means fewer prototypes have to be produced for experimental purposes and improves the company’s competitive position both in terms of production timing and costs.

Bull NovaScale servers performed extremely successfully against the different benchmarks set by Pininfarina and were chosen for their speed, power, capabilities in terms of configuration, scalability and protecting previous investments, as well as their usability.

The main differentiators between Bull technologies and those offered by competitors were the reliability of the standard Linux operating system software – optimized by Bull for HPC applications – the efficiency and effectiveness of Bull’s HPC computing center at Grenoble (France) in meeting specific project needs and, last but not least, the extraordinary price/performance ratios.

We are proud that Bull’s innovative technology is being used to support a company like Pininfarina, one of the major players in the automotive sector, and synonymous with skills, experience and innovation,” said Giorgio Pucci, Managing Director, Bull Italy. “Pininfarina’s choice demonstrates the high levels of performance and flexibility achieved by our NovaScale platform in meeting the requirements of the most demanding HPC applications.

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