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March 2006
New Escala servers: even more virtualization capabilities, even more power

Bull has extended the Escala server family with two new models, PL850R-L and PL850T-L. Equipped with POWER5+ processors – the newest generation POWER chips – the new servers deliver up to 30% better performance compared to their predecessors.

These entry-level and mid-range servers can be set up, like high-end servers, with advanced virtualization functions. This enables optimum implementation of servers and applications, delivering greater reliability, better performance and better resource utilization.
With Escala Essentials, the new servers can be delivered with pre-packaged, ready-to-use solutions, most notably in the areas of high-availability with ARF, back-up and data storage with Bull StoreWay.
These new servers will be available from March.


Storage: managing heterogeneous resources more easily with StoreWay Maestro

Enabling a global view of the different elements that make up a data storage infrastructure – including SAN and NAS systems and isolated resources. Setting up reporting systems more easily, detecting underutilized resources, planning more effectively for increased loading… These are just some of the many functions of Bull’s new StoreWay Maestro solution.

StoreWay Maestro is a highly effective replacement for tools that offer little in the way of task automation and spreadsheets that are difficult to maintain: making it easier, more secure and more cost-effective to manage data storage.

StoreWay Maestro offers powerful support tools for use in storage system implementation projects, infrastructure consolidation and cost reduction initiatives.

StoreWay Maestro is designed so that it can be implemented gradually. Optional modules for file servers and databases (including Microsoft SQL, Oracle and Sybase) mean it can respond precisely to the specific requirements of each database administrator.

Finally, StoreWay Maestro supports the majority of currently-available storage devices (particularly those from EMC, NEC, IBM , Hitachi and others), most servers (AIX, Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP-UX etc.) and most SAN solutions (Brocade, IBM, CISCO, McData etc.)


Bull launches Open Desktop, a new services offering dedicated to workstations in open environments

Unveiled in January 2006 the Linux Solutions exhibition in Paris, Open Desktop will enable organizations to benefit from all the advantages of Linux and Opn Source software on the workstation.

Even if open solutions now provide an attractive alternative – in terms of increased independence, better control over cost-of-ownership and extended lifespan of investments – the overall management of migration and support projects for desktop environments can still be extremely complex given that thousands of users can be affected.

Building on Bull’s proven methodologies, large-company resources and expertise in managing large-scale desktop equipment pools, Open Desktop offers a comprehensive response to meet this challenge. From assessing existing applications to integration, change management to support, the service covers the entire migration and operational lifecycle. Consultancy and opportunity reviews, systems engineering and migration services, training and change management, support and third-party application maintenance, and comprehensive outsourcing solutions are all on offer.

Open Desktop is centered on Bull’s large-scale industrial production and support resources, particularly the specialist centers of expertise in Linux, OpenOffice, Web technologies, messaging, office automation, security, etc. Open Desktop also includes certified administration tools, professional implementation, training and remote support structures – from the European level 1 and 2, support center operating in six languages, to advanced technical support (level 3) – as well as outsourcing resources. Bull’s close partnerships with Open Source communities and distributions in the desktop world (including Novell-SUSE, Mandriva,, Red Hat, ...) are also an important advantage.

Thanks to its highly professional approach, Open Desktop provides the perfect complement to Bull’s Open Energy service – the first comprehensive Open Source services package – enabling public and private sector organizations of all kinds to choose Open Source solutions for their workstations with complete peace of mind.




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