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April 2006

Security, guaranteeing sovereignty and integrity

D Lamouche

Today, the security of an organization’s information patrimony is no longer a question, but an imperative. A company’s security policy embodies the strategic vision at the heart of the business and its relationships with the outside world, as well as the financial markets’ appreciation of how it is managing risk. Nevertheless, it remains a major challenge for the majority of IT departments, because there is still so much left to be done.

Bull delivers strategic IT security projects for major organizations, including some of the most sensitive in the world such as SERPRO in Brazil, for whom we are supplying a border crossing control solution featuring biometric comparators. As ‘Architect of an Open World’, Bull has always accorded IT security a crucial place in its range of offerings, particularly through Evidian, our subsidiary which is the European leader in identity and access management. We have decided to further strengthen our portfolio of solutions in this critical area for our customers’ integrity and business sovereignty, with the launch of a number of initiatives.

We have recently concluded a new industrial partnership with NEC, who have invested €10 million in Bull Evidian; a major milestone in the development of our subsidiary, including Asia. This alliance follows on from the acquisition of Enatel, enabling us to launch today a new generation of enterprise single sign-on software products, with our WiseGuard solution, featuring authentication tools such as smartcards and biometrics. Finally, we are also launching the TrustWay PPS secure personalized key: a particularly innovative high-end solution for users in sensitive businesses such as defense, industry and banking.

Because there is no delegation of responsibilities without control, you can’t free up your information systems without a security policy that doesn’t hold your business back. A key economic and social challenge, IT security has never been closer to the heart of Bull’s business strategy and quest for innovation. You can rest assured that our experts will be able to give you all the support you require in your most critical projects.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



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