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April 2006
Business cases
• Federal Justice Ministry (Belgium)
• Customs (Bulgary)
  • Globus (Germany)
Mutualité Sociale Agricole (France)

Globus chooses Bull servers running Linux

The migration of a business-critical application on Bull Express5800 servers, running Linux SUSE, has improved productivity at supermarket chain Globus and resulted in a drastic reduction in its IT costs.

Globus, the privately-owned chain of supermarkets has over 20,000 employees, 35 distribution depots across Germany and the Czech Republic and generates annual revenues in excess of €4 billion. As an independent company in a globalized world, Globus is, and always has been, subject to enormous cost and competitive pressures. It was one of the earlier adopters of IT solutions. At the heart of Globus’ IT is a constantly evolving merchandise management system, which manages over 100,000 items a day and in excess of 80 million contacts with customers every year.

Problems associated with using heterogeneous operating systems were resolved in the medium term by adopting Novell SUSE Linux. Today, in excess of 100 Bull Express5800 servers are ensuring noticeably improved productivity and availability for Globus. They are particularly valuable in the company’s larger branches, were redundant systems guarantee almost 100% availability.

“For a company like Globus, which targets over 80 million customers a year in its supermarkets, it is vital that we have an IT infrastructure delivering high availability and productivity to rely on,” explained Franz Herter, IT Director at Globus SB-Märkte. “It was envisaged that around 100 new servers would be distributed around numerous decentralized sites. In the tendering process, which pitted renowned suppliers against each other, the Bull Express5800 server proved to be the best in terms of its price/performance ratio. Bull’s Linux services, support and expertise were decisive factors for us,” confirmed Franz Herter, “We have established a lasting and very fruitful partnership with Bull. We know that we can call on them in any situation and they will deliver just the right kind of support.” he added.


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