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April 2006
Security, guaranteeing sovereignty and integrity

Today, the security of an organization’ s information patrimony is no longer a question, but an imperative. A company’s security policy embodies the strategic vision at the heart of the business and its relationships with the outside world, as well as the financial markets’ appreciation of how it is managing risk. Nevertheless, it remains a major challenge for the majority of IT departments, because there is still so much left to be done.

Executive opinion
Jean-François Leprince-Ringuet, General Manager, Bull Telecommunications and Media

Bull in ‘telecoms’: an innovative, agile and robust industrial partner
"The combined evolution of technology, industry regulation and the changing needs of both residential and business customers have continued to throw up many surprises, whether they involve new service offerings for existing markets or developing business in new domains which push operators towards the worlds of media or value-added services."


Florent Benoit,
Bull R&D
EasyBeans: the simplest way to benefit from the power of Java EE 5.0!
"With EasyBeans, Bull and Objectweb help simplify Java distributed components development" >>

 Hot topics

InfoSecurity Europe
April - June 2006 >

Europe virtualization tour
May 2006 >
Summit 2006 - Phoenix
May 2-5 >
6th French National Conference on the Net
May 10- 11 2006 >
SAS Forum International, Geneva, May 16-18 >
Hôpital Expo / InterMédica, Paris
May 16 to 19 >
CUBE AGM, Deauville
June 13-14 2006 >
International Supercomputer Conference, Dresde
June 27 to 30 >

“Keeping people informed, training them and supporting them through the change is essential to successfully modernize the State”
Point of view of Jean-Pierre Barbéris, General Manager, Bull Services and Solutions, on the modernization of the State.

Interview done with the magazine “Cités Numériques” >>

Bull and NEC sign new industrial partnership agreement in IT security >>

Business cases

Bull updates Belgian Federal Justice Ministry’s IT infrastructure dedicated to tracking judicial cases
Bull is modernizing Bulgarian customs’ ITMS (Integrated Tariff Management System) to comply with EU requirements
Globus chooses Bull servers running Linux
Mutualité Sociale Agricole (MSA) chooses Bull to supply the majority of its IT infrastructure


New large Bull NovaScale servers increases IT infrastructure flexibility and simplifies overall deployment
New performance record for NovaScale servers
Bull unveils new ‘usage patterns’ to speed up and secure the implementation of complete solutions
WiseGuard 3G: Bull Evidian launches the 3rd generation of Single Sign-On solutions
TrustWay PPS, mobile security in your hands
MAP (Mobile Access Point): Securing nomad networks

At a glance
SYSTEM@TIC PARIS-REGION is a competitive cluster aimed at making the Ile de France one of the few regions with a worldwide profile in terms of designing, building and harnessing complex systems.
Bull and SAS strengthen their partnership in business intelligence for ERP environments
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