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April 2006
Securing nomad networks

Bull offers a mobile solution for securing temporary networks on construction sites, at exhibitions, in vehicles; in fact, any site is not eligible for ADSL services

By integrating its Mobile Access Point (MAP) platform as part of a global solution All@Way, Bull allows its customers to implement local area ‘nomad’ networks with access to company Intranets or Extranets wherever ADSL services are not available.

The solution allows remote, standalone and nomadic devices – including PC networks, IP cameras, etc, to make the connection, without the need for a costly and cumbersome wired infrastructure. Connections are secure, universal and can be remotely administered. They utilize the latest GPRS, EDGE and 3G technologies, and enable devices to remain connected to the enterprise and the outside world for minimal investment.

MAP (Mobile Access Point) is an access server connected to high bandwidth 3G mobile networks (EDGE, supported GPRS), which also enables the connection to be shared by the local network. All@Way is a comprehensive remote security, administration and supervision solution for the fleet of MAP high bandwidth mobile access servers.

Multiple application examples

•  Temporary locations
Connected to a mobile network, the All@Way solution enables temporary secondary networks to be implemented locally, for example on construction sites, for exhibitions or other events, and on all sites not eligible for ADSL services. In addition, because it can support the connection of ATMs and other banking services devices, it enables cash points, ticketing machines and electronic payment terminals to be installed temporarily, for example at an exhibition. Bull implements the devices in a secure environment, without the need for a fixed infrastructure.

•  Backup for remote connections
If the main link should break down, the MAP high bandwidth mobile access server and All@Way solution can provide continuous connectivity to guarantee operational availability of strategic applications, remotely.

•  Video surveillance and remote video
The solution also enables the connection of video IP cameras. The MAP server manages the transmission of real-time images to a control point, where they can be processed or monitored (for surveillance, behavioral analysis, alarms, etc.). The solution can be implemented in vehicles such as buses, at remote sites or at events.


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