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April 2006
Business cases
• Federal Justice Ministry (Belgium)
• Customs (Bulgary)
  • Globus (Germany)
Mutualité Sociale Agricole (France)

Mutualité Sociale Agricole (MSA) chooses Bull to supply the majority of its IT infrastructure

MSA, the second largest social insurance provider in France, covers all types of social protection (health, family services, services for the elderly, subscriptions ) for those involved in the agricultural industry (farmers, agricultural workers and companies): a total of over 4 million people. MSA’s business represents almost €30 billion worth of services.

MSA has used Bull Escala large-scale servers for its main production applications running under AIX® for a number of years.

In February 2006, MSA made the decision to work with Bull over the next three years not only on its AIX™ servers, but also its Intel-based servers and data storage solutions across all six of its production centers. As a result, Bull is very proud to be the supplier of the vast majority of MSA’s IT infrastructure.



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