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April 2006
New large Bull NovaScale servers increases IT infrastructure flexibility and simplifies overall deployment

Bull renews its range of large NovaScale servers while launching the NovaScale® 5005 Series. Compact and modular, they provide a high level of flexibility to ease the deployment of complex IT infrastructures. Their high scalability enables a tight adaptation of server infrastructures, thus bringing important cost reductions. The combination of physical partitioning and virtualisation software makes the NovaScale® servers uniquely flexible to use and enables users to fully optimize the resources installed.

The NovaScale® 5005 servers are built using modular blocks that can rapidly be combined within a single cabinet to provide SMP (Symmetrical Multi-Processing) servers from 2 to 32 sockets (namely 2 to 32 processors mono or dual core. They have been designed to host several generations of Intel® Itanium® 2 processors, thus leveraging customer investment. They will support the "Montecito" generation processor, for which Bull has gained a unique expertise with the deployment of the largest supercomputer in Europe.

Through its expertise in both open and large systems, Bull has developed innovative technologies that bring the Linux environment new functionalities, traditionally reserved for legacy systems, in particular to reinforce availability of critical applications; to improve overall service quality with Dynamic Domains for Applications solution; to accelerate back-up and restore operations of the servers in the Linux environment with "System Backup & Restore" and to simplify back-up of heterogeneous environments with StoreWay OpenSave.

NovaScale 5005 servers are available since March 2006.

New record for NovaScale

Announced at CeBIT: the Bull NovaScale Blade 2320 has delivered the best available performance per watt in the industry.

The NovaScale Blade 2320 server is designed for the consolidation of hundreds of servers in space-constrained environments, offering reduced cost of ownership with advanced network virtualization and storage simplifying manageability and bringing low management costs.

Bull NovaScale Blade 2320 features makes it the ideal platform for large enterprises which need to concentrate hundreds of servers in thermally-sensitive and space-constrained environments - such as Financial institutions or Telecom providers

The new NovaScale Blade 2320 is based on the dual-core Low Voltage Intel® Xeon® technology. It benefits from of lower thermal design power, using Enhanced Intel Demand-based switching (DBS) technology. The NovaScale Blade 2320 requires minimal cooling, and generates low heat.

Bull unveils new ‘usage patterns’ to speed up and secure the implementation of complete solutions.

Based on NovaScale servers and services delivered by the Competence Centers, these solutions are optimized at the Bull’s R&D Centers, so they can be fully operational in live environments within extremely tight timescales.

The first areas covered by these usage patterns include the replacement of application servers by JOnAS, the consolidations of Oracle database and the implementation of business intelligence solutions using SQL Server 2005.

The great advantage of these usage patterns is that they offer a highly pragmatic approach, enabling customers to rapidly target the areas where they can reap benefits from, whilst also having a very clear picture of the resources they need to deploy, and the tools and methods to use. Quite simply: an approach to implementing new infrastructures that combines speed, simplicity and cost-reduction.




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