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April 2006
TrustWay PPS,mobile security in your hands

With its TrustWay PPS * solution, Bull is launching the new generation of USB key that at last ensures the security of mobile workstations

From strong authentication to Wi-Fi access, from data protection to Internet telephony, the security of laptop computers is a major challenge for managers and employees working in sensitive roles who need to be mobile while at the same time ensuring the security of the information they hold. Until now the market only offered a disparate range of specialized solutions or products with limited capabilities or inadequate security protection to meet these needs. But now Bull is offering the first universal, personal high-security device – TrustWay PPS – providing a timely response to this growing challenge.

The first universal USB security key for every kind of use
The TrustWay PPS USB key is both easy to use and universal, having been developed as a result of work in the defense sector to respond to the full range of mobile workstation security requirements.

The PPS key is simply inserted into a USB port, to immediately secure the laptop or workstation. The user identifies him or herself by entering a PIN number, read by a device built into the key. TrustWay PPS features a dedicated cryptographic processor, developed by Bull in France,which handles all the key management, encoding and decoding, and signature operations required by the user, including:

•  Strong authentication for all types of applications (and secure password storage)
•  Encryption of one or several hard drive partitions
•  1 GB key memory capacity, with integral encryption enabling totally secure storage of data and software
•  IPsec VPN tunnel providing all types of connectivity (Wi-Fi, ADSL, etc.)
•  Secure data transfer from one PC to another
•  Electronic signature
•  Encrypted VoIP and secure e-mail messaging
•  … with all applications conforming to industry standards (PKCS#11 or MS-CAPI).

“Against a backdrop of increasingly lively competition and globalization, we all need a secure, universal way to transfer, exchange and protect our data – whether for personal or business use,” confirms Alain Filée, Director of the TrustWay Business Unit at Bull. “With TrustWay PPS, we offer public and private sector organizations a universal, high performance way to secure mobile workstations, with the benefit of technologies developed for the defense marketplace. A single PPS key provides the ultimate, simple response against theft, pirating and intrusion.”

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* PPS : Personal Protection System



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