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April 2006
WiseGuard 3G: Bull Evidian launches the 3rd generation of Single Sign-On solutions

By embedding business security in the user workstation, Evidian – Bull’s subsidiary focused on security software products – combines all the advantages of the first two generations of SSO (Single Sign-On) to enhance security, productivity and regulatory compliance, with rapid return on investment (ROI).

Today, the growing risks from cyber-vandalism, fraud, industrial espionage, and the development of regulatory regimes such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Bâle II and LCNE are generating greatly renewed interest in enterprise single sign-on (E-SSO) solutions that both reinforce and simplify user security. Current solutions have certain limitations when it comes to integration with existing business processes and detailed security administration. With its new offering, WiseGuard 3G, Bull Evidian overcomes these constraints, while also delivering rapid ROI.

WiseGuard 3G, the key innovation: an advanced security control desk
With its new Extended Manager component, WiseGuard 3G offers a graphical, intuitive distributed security control desk. Based on a RBM (Role Based Management) model, Extended Manager provides sophisticated administration tools which enable the SSO to be finely tuned to the realities of key business processes (delegated authority, multiple accounts for individual users, different means of authentication depending on the sensitivity of each application in terms of security, fine grain access control) and administrative requirements (from the most decentralized to the most federal approaches to management). In addition, Extended Manager provides powerful analysis and reporting tools for auditors, essential to guarantee and provide evidence of regulatory compliance.

A simple response to security and productivity challenges
Capitalizing on Bull Evidian experience and innovations in E-SSO, as well as know-how from the start-up company Enatel acquired in September 2005, WiseGuard plugs the gap between traditional SSO tools and corporate business policies. Most notably, it combines the administrative capabilities of first generation SSO with the flexibility of second-generation tools, to deliver a veritable third generation SSO solution which enables organizations to achieve the balance between security and user friendliness which matches their own business needs as closely as possible.

"With existing SSO solutions, implementation often runs up against significant business constraints,” explains Evidian’s General Manager Hassan Maad. “With WiseGuard 3G, we can now offer organizations the first flexible E-SSO solution that enables full implementation of security and regulatory compliance, without the need for compromises. That’s a key business advantage at a time when regulatory developments have forced effective security to become an essential condition of good business performance!”

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