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June 2006

On track for openness and convergence

D Lamouche

Today, information technology is entering a new cycle of innovation and transformation. I don’t intend to reiterate the far-reaching impact that the Internet is having on the on-going transformation of information systems and our way of life. Rather, I would like to highlight the latest undercurrent created by the convergence of information technologies and telecommunications, which will inevitably reshape the whole business landscape. Voice-over-IP (VoIP) is just one example of this convergence. And at Bull we intend to build on our partnerships with major operators and our own expertise in these technologies to grow our business in this area.

The second trend is the increasing power of open solutions, and, in particular, Open Source: which has indeed been driven by the Internet and is now making rapid inroads in all sectors. Our major customers, who recently joined us at our annual high-level conference in Cannes, confirmed the reality of this phenomenon. In this month’s Bull Direct (and next month too), we hear from some of those customers. In this edition, you can read two particularly eloquent pieces: from Daniel Verwaerde of the CEA (French Atomic Energy Authority) and Janick Taillandier from the Paris transport company RATP. Their comments confirm just how strategic these new technologies and methodologies are becoming to all kinds of organizations. We really are at the dawning of a new paradigm that will turn the IT industry upside-down, starting with software itself. This is a particularly important trend for Bull, given that the strategic positioning of the company is the opening of information systems, as underlined by our corporate signature – Architect of an Open World™.

I firmly believe that Bull is in total alignment with these major trends in the marketplace; and as a result, we are well prepared to support your business and the projects that are most vital to your future development.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



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