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June 2006
Business cases

• Banco de Previsión Social (Uruguay)
• Ministry of Education and Science (Poland)

• Broadway Management Services (Iowa, USA)
• Onderwijs Service Groep (Netherlands)

Poland’s Ministry of Education and Science has selected Bull to modernize the country’s schools

Following many years of successful co-operation between Bull Poland and various different organizations in the Polish public sector, including the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Justice, the Polish government has once again demonstrated its trust in Bull for one of its most strategic projects. Poland’s Ministry of Education and Science has selected Bull to implement its nationwide project to equip schools with Internet-enabled classrooms. As well as giving Bull the opportunity to play a decisive role in the country’s school modernization program, this project is an invaluable springboard for future IT opportunities in Poland. The overall budget for this project is nearly €14 million, and it is being co-funded by the European Union (EU).

A nationwide strategic project
Internet availability in schools has become a top priority for Polish governments in recent years. Thanks to the promise of partial funding from the EU, the Ministry of Education has been able to prepare for a widespread roll-out of resources across the whole country. In 2005, the customer announced a number of projects designed to equip approximately 8,000 schools with the necessary LAN components and Internet connections.

In a two-stage tender process under Public Procurement Law, Bull formed a consortium with a Polish company, ABG Ster-Projekt SA (with Bull heading the consortium), and put in a very competitive proposal in November 2005. After several counter-offers from the competition and an arbitration process, the contract with Bull was finally signed in April 2006, almost six months after the tender was announced.
Under the scope of the contract, Bull will implement a large-scale roll-out project delivering Internet infrastructure for 1,100 schools in the Eastern part of the country, providing 15,000 PCs, 1,100 servers, 1,100 printers, 1,100 scanners, 1,100 notebooks and other office equipment. Bull will install the LAN network and cabling in every school and establish the necessary Internet connections.
In the run-up to delivering the equipment, Bull will train around 2,000 teachers in the technology and methodology central to the project. Bull will also provide project management services to support the overall implementation.
Despite the vast scope of this project, Bull has committed to fulfill the contract within just a few months — an exceptionally fast implementation lead-time for a nationwide project of this kind.

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