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June 2006
StoreWay new storage solutions help reduce your TCO

StoreWay cuts your operating costs and achieves smoother operating continuity for your business with Virtuo 4.6, which virtualizes your tape library resources

To meet the challenges of heterogeneous infrastructures, IT managers often rely on multiple backup solutions, and in the process miss out on benefits that could otherwise be gained by consolidating and optimizing the investments they have already made.
To meet this challenge, Bull has developed Virtuo, a new-generation storage solution that virtualizes a tape library resource and its associated data drives, and is designed specifically to:
• Enable shared access to backup devices in any environment
• Optimize existing resources
• Secure the backup and restore processes between a number of sites.
Virtuo significantly improves overall business continuity by:
• Making data backup and restore operations operate in parallel
• Accelerating information flow in the event of company-critical data restore operations
• Automating data migration by applying a simple set of rules for utilization.
Version 4.6 of Virtuo expands disk cache capacity, supports new libraries and drives, integrates an ACSLS agent option, and provides new rules for how long data needs to be stored. This is a truly unique solution, which not only guarantees that your return on investment and operating costs are optimized, but also ensures more effective business continuity.

StoreWay meets unified storage requirements.
Bull has also announced that FC connectivity support for Windows, Linux and AIX servers is now available, featuring the following functionality:
StoreWay Multipath for AIX® provides automated and extended Multipath services (including HACMP & ARF support) for IBM P-Series and Bull Escala servers, regardless of the type of storage bay installed.
SnapVault enables centralized backup to disk for Network Appliance environments while allowing the user to select which data is to be saved, as well as the frequency and retention period for these backups.
SnapLock enables a Network Appliance bay to be used for Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) operations to help organizations ensure compliance with new data archiving regulations.
FlexClone (re-recordable Writeable snapshots). This option enables read-only snapshots to be converted to writeable status. A FlexClone data segment can be separated from the original data mass, in the process creating a copy that is totally independent of the original, ensuring increased availability of the original data.
In launching these new storage products Bull is committed to providing customers with archiving solutions that meet the ongoing requirement to reduce the cost of ownership and operating a storage infrastructure.

StoreWay now includes EMC Centera providing fixed content and extended archiving storage solutions
Many organizations are faced with the challenge of administering and managing access to an ever-growing bank of data that will never be modified, but which has to be archived in accordance with external regulations or for use in developing new business ventures. To meet these needs, Bull has added EMC Centera™ to its StoreWay product family. This networked storage system is designed specifically for storing fixed content data so it can be accessed simply and speedily. This is the first solution to offer on-line availability, with long-term retention capacity and a guarantee of authenticity, for this ever-growing data category.
Centera can be integrated with any application developed in house or supplied by one of our numerous partners offering bespoke solutions, and is aimed at businesses needing to store an ever greater quantity of fixed content data.
Centera greatly simplifies the administration, sharing and global protection of fixed content repositories; this means organizations can exploit this data using traditional off-line methods to generate new sources of revenue, take greater control of enterprise-wide business processes, and offer improved levels of customer service.
Bull will offer systems integration services for Centera, calling on the services of experts in handling information flows, as well as its wide-ranging capabilities in installation and maintenance.

StoreWay combines 4 Gb/sec performance, the security of RAID 6 and functionality until now only available from high-end products with new Fibre Channel Storage Bays.
StoreWay FDA 1500 & 2500 are new-generation storage bays offering:
• 4Gb/sec host connectivity
• 60 & 120 FC or SATA disk capacity
• RAID 0/1/5/10/50 & 6 (tolerating the simultaneous breakdown of up to two disks).
Capacity and performance are allied with flexibility and best possible availability for Windows®, Linux®, AIX®, HP-UX® and Solaris® environments.
The software environment stands out from the competition by offering, even at entry level, extended local replication functionality, the capacity to take twice the number of LUN snapshots and the possibility of reallocating disk resources independently of RAID groups. In addition, the FDA 2500 supports synchronous, semi-synchronous or asynchronous remote replication functions.
The entire range benefits from a three-year on-site guarantee (next-day service). The StoreWay FDA range offers the best TCO on the market, due to the low initial outlay and its ability to substantially reduce your overall operating costs.


Bull Evidian introduces AccessMaster 7.0.1, a new release of its modular and integrated Identity and Access Management software suite

By bringing in a new Approval Workflow module, by increasing the number of supported applications and by introducing Password Synchronization functions, AccessMaster 7.01 improves the deployment of identity-based policies.
Its new Approval Workflow module notably enhances the automation and control of access-right management and user-registration. Thanks to a function-based approach, it offers end-user self-service requests, efficient approval authority strings and e-mail notification. Approval Workflow also integrates graphical and intuitive interfaces for workflow process definitions, generation of Web forms, and recording of tasks and processes. Last but not least, it provides a powerful time management function for workflow processes and delegation.
The new release also reinforces the deployment of Identity-based policies, thanks to a larger number of applications. A new generic SQL connector enables its Provisioning Manager module to offer a single administration point for any SQL Database. In addition, Provisioning Manager increases user efficiency and help-desk cost savings. For organizations or sites in which administrators cannot deploy an SSO engine on stations, a Web interface allows the synchronization of application passwords.

More information on AccessMaster >>



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