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December 2006
Business cases

• Biomedicine Agency (France)
Département of Yvelines (France)

• GIE Cartes Bancaires (France)

• Customs authorities (Eastern Europe) - Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (Turkey)
• Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office (Spain)

Bull advises French Biomedicine Agency as it upgrades its information systems to assume new medical responsibilities

The French Biomedicine Agency has asked Bull to define the new master plan for its information systems, as it adapts to take on its new medical responsibilities in the areas of human fertility and reproduction, embryology and human genetics.

Three fundamental elements will drive the implementation of this new information system: the need to take on board significant growth; the absolute necessity for uninterrupted service, in particular for activities concerned with organ donation and transplants; and finally all the data exchanges between health professionals in these new areas, amounting to several thousand additional users.

"The Biomedicine Agency's areas of influence are highly sensitive and strategic, as they relate to key social issues such as genetics and embryology," explained Dominique Chambéry, the Agency's Information System Director. "We have identified three priorities: opening up the information system to external partners; quality and relevance of shared data; and responsiveness."

Bull's consultancy project for the agency focused on three main areas for consideration, to enable a new master plan to be drawn up and a series of recommendations to be made on key organizational, technical and safety areas:
The structure of the business information system, and epidemiological data
The distribution of information in each business area, opening up and interconnecting the information system to external systems
Optimizing technical and security infrastructures, with respect to strategic issues linked to the information system.

"Bull's consultants achieved a good understanding of the specific issues related to our business activities very quickly indeed, and were able to mobilize users from the Information Systems Directorate, the specialists in their fields (doctors and epidemiologists) and the senior management who are heavily involved in this strategic project. They knew how to rework our business challenges into a realistic and structured IT construction plan. The high quality of interviews and exchanges has taken this consultancy project beyond IT concerns into the realm of organizational recommendations," added Dominique Chambéry.

This project confirms Bull's positioning in the health sector and in its consulting business. "Bull's consulting expertise reflects our capacity to help customers in overhauling business processes and aligning their information system with the needs dictated by business. To achieve this, Bull's 300 consultants reap the maximum benefits from technologies, to define and structure effective information systems," emphasized Michel Husson, Director of Bull Management, Bull's consulting center of expertise.

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