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December 2006
Business cases

• Biomedicine Agency (France)
Département of Yvelines (France)

• GIE Cartes Bancaires (France)

• Customs authorities (Eastern Europe) - Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (Turkey)
• Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office (Spain)

The Groupement des Cartes Bancaires chose Bull Escala servers to support significant growth in transactions on its banking services network

The Groupement des Cartes Bancaires (or bank card group) is a private organization that brings together more than 200 French and foreign-owned banks and financial establishments located in France. The Groupement has chosen Bull to supply servers capable of processing around 10 million transactions a day and deal with an increasing volume of transactions, growing by more than 10% a year (with the record level of 10.3 million authorizations having been set this year on the first Saturday of the summer sales).

The Groupement’s choice has been made as part of a project to modernize its IT infrastructure and restructure all production sites, and will also integrate the world EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) standard: a further significant step forward in improving security. CS, the Groupement’s partner and prime contractor for its ‘e-rsb’ network implementation, will be integrating Bull Escala servers into this new, totally redundant and secure Banking Services Network.

According to Yves Randoux, Administrator at the Groupement: “After a consultation process led with CS, we chose Bull because of its commitment to our project, and its technical solution that perfectly fulfills the specification. Good co-operation between our teams and those of CS and Bull has also been a decisive element for a project that is as vital as this one is to our business.”

The infrastructure will comprise 27 Bull Escala servers, linked to additional equipments destined for development, integration and reception purposes. The production site architecture is totally redundant to cope with the eventuality of different sorts of breakdown; redundancy is assured within the production sites, and from one site to the other. The contract totals €1.8 million.

We are very pleased that the Groupement Cartes Bancaires is putting its confidence in us. Our infrastructure solution at the core of the e-rsb network corresponds perfectly to the GCB’s expectations in terms of performance, security and fail-safe availability of services. It’s a solution which can absorb the growth in transactions, and the peaks associated with on-line payments – where growth is running at more than 40% a year,” indicated Philippe Miltin, Vice-President of Bull’s Products and Systems Division.

About the Groupement Cartes Bancaires

Almost 200 credit establishments operating in France joined together to create Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB, an interbank payment and cash withdrawal system. Created in 1984 with the aim of establishing a single inter-bank payment and bank card cash withdrawal system in France, the Groupement is a certifying body for payments systems, and custodian of security procedures and mechanisms for bank card payments.

Responsible for organizing and managing the CB interbank system, the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB contributes to making this system reliable, secure and simple to use. It organizes message distribution between banks, via the e-rsb bank card network.


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