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December 2006
Bull NovaScale Universal servers integrate the new multicore Intel Xeon processors
• Performance boost
• Lower infrastructure costs

Bull announces the availability of new Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® E5310 & E5320 processors (code named Clovertown), and new Intel® Xeon® 7100 series processors (codenamed Tulsa), on its NovaScale Universal servers.
Lower infrastructure costs
With a two-to-three times higher performance per watt depending on the models, the NovaScale servers offer more computing power and lower heat dissipation and power consumption in the Data Center, leading to significant infrastructure cost savings.
Ideal platforms for virtualisation and consolidation
The embedded virtualisation technology of Intel Xeon processors delivers optimized support of virtual machines. With this technology combined with the virtualisation software solutions on NovaScale Universal servers and with NovaScale Master software suite, Bull’s new platforms are perfectly adapted to consolidation in the Data Center.

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Bull Evidian launches three innovative solutions for mobile computing user security

Bull Evidian, a subsidiary of Bull and Europe's leading supplier of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, is extending its portfolio of solutions with three innovative new products for mobile computing user security.
The new solutions combine strong authentication and SSO, access control, encryption of files on the workstation, and encryption of data exchanged within a workgroup consisting of employees and partners.

All three form an integral part of the company's E-SSO (Enterprise Single Sign-On):
Evidian Mobile E-SSO is the first Enterprise SSO (E-SSO) to enable employees to benefit from consistent access management, no matter where they are or what workstation they are using, whether they're working within the enterprise itself or remotely (via an VPN IPSEC or SSL extranet gateway, over the Internet from a hotel PC, a home computer or an Internet café). To complement Evidian's E-SSO solution, WiseGuard Mobile E-SSO uses the corporate directory and manages all passwords between the E-SSO and Web SSO systems in a consistent way. This integrated solution enables the most appropriate authentication method for the particular circumstances to be specified: for example, a password for internal access, and an OTP (One-Time Password) token for mobile access.
Evidian Data Privacy guarantees that no unauthorized person can access data stored on PCs or exchanged within a workgroup. A pure software solution, this simple and integrated product combines application access control with encryption of data flows and exchanges of sensitive data. In addition, the solution enables secure exchange of information between employees and partners.
Evidian's E-SSO solution can also use TrustWay PPS, Bull's universal very high security USB encryption key for mobile workstations. With this integration, WiseGuard transforms the TrustWay USB key into a user authentication tool, encryption processor and ultra-secure memory resource (1GB). Developed using technologies from the defense world, TrustWay® PPS features a universal USB cryptographic processor to enable all key management, encryption/decryption, and signature decoding functions that the user needs to be carried out: strong authentication for all types of applications, VPN IPSEC tunnels, encrypted VoIP, secure messaging, etc.

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Evidian’s offer
TrustWay PPS

7 golden rules for Single Sign-on projects

Capitalizing on its numerous projects carried out in Europe, in the US and in Asia, Bull Evidian today publishes "E-SSO now", a white paper on enterprise Single Sign-On, its challenges and best practices.
Targeting decision makers seeking the best way to reinforce security and compliance to regulations, to increase users' productivity, to reduce costs through the implementation of an enterprise SSO (at the heart of all IAM projects), the white paper draws on interviews with experts and IT security managers as well as on Bull Evidian's experience as Number 1 in Europe in Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Bull Evidian sets out the 7 golden rules for successful SSO deployment and lists:
The challenges of enterprise Single Sign-On
The different types and technologies of SSO: E-SSO, Web / J2EE SSO, federated SSO, personal SSO
The 3 myths and realities of SSO
The 2 mistakes to avoid in implementation
The 5 best practices in implementation.

This white paper can be downloaded from:

In addition, Bull Evidian's site also gives access to numerous white papers dedicated to very specific areas of SSO: case studies on SSO, SSO compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, Call Centers and SSO, SSO within hospital Information Systems, etc. These white papers can be downloaded from:

Bull offers the ObjectWeb Open Source community a BPEL process orchestration engine: Orchestra

In line with its strategy to be 'Architect of an Open World' and major Open Source software provider, Bull is today offering to the Open Source community its latest Open Source component 'Orchestra', the fruits of its R&D work in business process orchestration. The new module complements the numerous technological contributions Bull has made to communities such as ObjectWeb, Apache and Eclipse.
Orchestra is a complete Web services and process orchestration engine, which features an engine that conforms to the BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) standard and associated design tools. Orchestra can be adapted to any type of process, and meets the needs of medium to large organizations (banks, government ministries, defense bodies, industry, healthcare, etc).

The solution offers three main advantages:
Fully standard technology. Orchestra conforms to BPEL 1.1, and has been designed to anticipate and support BPEL 2.0 and BPEL J as soon as these two standards are finalized. In other respects, Orchestra supports protocols not based on SOAP such as JMS, JCA, Mail, etc.
A technology that is adapted to critical business processes. Designed to operate natively with J2EE application servers (JOnAS, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, etc.) - in contrast to the majority of other Open Source Web service orchestration solutions - Orchestra provides outstanding robustness and interoperability.
Native integration with workflow tools. Orchestra can be natively integrated with Open Source workflow engines such as Bonita, etc. This enables a complete and totally standard BPM solution to be implemented for any type of process combining workflow and process orchestration.
Orchestra's code is pure Open Source, and will be freely downloadable, utilizable, and modifiable under LGPL license, so it can be reused for all types of application. The project will be hosted by the ObjectWeb consortium, in order to encourage further synergies with other Open Source projects and initiatives - such as ObjectWeb's ESB initiative, the Bonita workflow engine, and the JOnAS application server, etc. - as well as to facilitate international contributions within the consortium and with other communities.
Bull will supply any organization that requires assistance with the necessary support and migration services, plus development and integration work in the framework of its Open Energy suite of Open Source services.

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More information on ObjectWeb
More information on Bull’s Open Energy offer

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