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December 2006
Business cases

• Biomedicine Agency (France)
Département of Yvelines (France)

• GIE Cartes Bancaires (France)

• Customs authorities (Eastern Europe) - Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (Turkey)
• Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office (Spain)

The Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office chooses Bull to be at the forefront of the move to bring Spain’s public sector services up-to-date
The NovaScale® 9000 series will help reduce IT costs and open mainframe applications to standard-based environments

The Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office (SPTO) has selected the Bull NovaScale 9000 series for its core applications. For several years now, the SPTO has been using a proprietary mainframe (Bull DPS 9000) to manage its databases and run applications for recording and updating, invoicing and controlling its business activities. The Office services include the recording of national and international trademarks and brand names, and European and EU brand names. The services are now available via the SPTO’s Website, thanks to new tools enabling interoperability with the servers on which other complementary services run. Continuing its modernization program, the SPTO offers more and more improved services to its customers, so putting the SPTO at the forefront of the move to bring Spain’s public sector services up-to-date.

An imperative: modernize the infrastructure that hosts mainframe applications
The SPTO has decided to renew its proprietary system for various reasons, among which are high maintenance costs and limited storage capacity. But the SPTO’s first objective was to ensure that its GCOS 8 applications were fully interoperable with applications from the open systems world, and in particular applications used by other Spanish and international organizations.
The SPTO decided to acquire the NovaScale 9000 series with a storage sub-system – incorporating Bull FDA disks featuring the very latest technology – and an STK back-up system. The new NovaScale platform is based on the most up-to-date industry standards (notably Intel processors) and, in addition to GCOS 8, supports a number of open operating systems (Windows® and Linux®).
The main advantage of the solution is that the new system is perfectly compatible with current applications, especially since all existing applications will need to be fully migrated to the new environment. The upgrade can therefore be achieved very rapidly, without any major risks and at a very low cost. The ROI is swift and guaranteed. This is quite a different story to the cumbersome kind of migration operation that can take several months, even years, without any real certainty as to the outcome. These are major advantages against a background of stringent budgetary constraints, and one where the gains in time translate into major cost savings.

Considerable improvement in application performance, improvement in service quality and system administration.
‘Batch’ type processing tasks and transactional applications have fully benefited from the additional power brought by the system, and by the new input/output and storage technologies. Processing times for these jobs have been reduced very significantly, resulting in considerable productivity gains.

The Bull NovaScale 9000 series will enable us to continue to run our core applications with greater power at a lower operating cost, while also allowing us to add partitions to run Linux and Windows based applications. Thanks to Bull’s expertise, the evolution from the proprietary server to the new open standard-based server will guarantee a rapid ROI, with no risk” declared José Antonio Martín Pérez, Director of Information Technologies, Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office.


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