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January 2007
At a glance
Benoît Hallez named as new Director of Bull Storage business

Benoît Hallez (45) has been appointed as Director of the StoreWay business unit that brings together all Bull’s worldwide storage activities.

Benoît Hallez began his career in 1980 at Digital Equipment Corp (DEC), where he fulfilled various sales roles before taking over as the group’s Director of Major International Accounts in 1995.

In 1998, he joined Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), where he was appointed as Sales Director for the Industry, Aerospace and Defense sectors. Then in 2000, he took over as Sales Director for the whole of France. Appointed as General Manager, France, he succeeded in taking France to the top of the league among the countries where Silicon Graphics Inc. operates in terms of revenues, margins and growth initiatives.

Since 2004, he was General Manager in charge of the Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa region for the company.



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