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January 2007

Vitality and realism

D Lamouche

We are very proud to be concluding 2006 with the CCRT1 ’s decision to choose Bull as the supplier of France’s most powerful civil supercomputer (43 teraflops2 ). Bull has shown that it has the talent to rival the most prestigious players and, if there is any basis for economic realism in Europe, I am certain our success in the high-performance computing sector will be multiplied in 2007.

The transformation undertaken by Bull in 2006 is taking us towards a business model that is firmly solution-oriented, and relies on our service capabilities and high added-value products. With this aim in mind, we have strengthened our capabilities in emerging economies (Eastern Europe where we have acquired to develop our business activities in the telecoms and finance sectors, and South America with large integration projects), as well as in France, notably with our purchase of Agarik for hosting and outsourcing critical Internet infrastructures. In the United Kingdom, we have successfully re-entered the services market, largely thanks to the substantial €110 million contract signed with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

We have consolidated Bull’s position through important alliances and initiatives in areas that are critical to our customers’ sovereignty and ability to innovate: for example, our agreement with JBoss for Open Source, and with NEC in the area of IT security.
We have just announced the acquisition of our Italian subsidiary by Eunics, a leading Italian IT services company with an aggressive growth strategy. Following repeated difficulties in this market, we had to make changes in the way we operate. And to guarantee our long-term presence in Italy on behalf of our customers there, we finalized an exclusive 5-year distribution agreement with Eunics covering all our products: servers, storage and security. Our Italian teams have joined the Eunics Group.

In 2007, we will be moving into top gear on our flagship solutions. I thank you for putting your trust in Bull, and count on your continued support during 2007. On behalf of the Bull Group and all our staff, I offer you my warmest wishes for the year to come.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

1 CCRT: Centre de Calcul Recherche et Technologie which operates for the CEA, EDF, SNECMA, Turbomeca and Techspace Aero
2 Teraflop: one thousand billion operations per second



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