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January 2007
Business cases

• SWIFT (Belgium)
• General Directorate of Road Transport Services (Albany)

• SPORT (France)
• Systel (France)

Albania chooses Bull to deliver driving license cards in total security

Bull and the Albanian General Directorate of Road Transport Services (D.P.SH.T.RR) – which is responsible among other things for the implementation and supervision of road transport policy and administration including the driver training and examination system, issuing driving licenses and technical verification of vehicles – have signed a contract in Tirana for an extension of the personalization system for producing driving licenses. Bull’s partner, Állami Nyomda Nyrt (the State Printing Company Plc) will bring its recognized expertise in security document printing, card production, design and implementation of the data capture solution to the project.

Project objective
The project will enable twice as many personalized driving license cards to be produced: up to a rate of 400,000 cards a year. The cards comply with EU directives, and are supplied with 14 different special security elements, a two-dimensional barcode and even include data about the holder’s fingerprints.
The existing system will be complemented by the expansion of the current information system, including additional personalization equipment, high-performance scanners, workstations and extension of the software solution that processes the applications and manages the production of personalized cards.

Bull won the first stage of this project in 2005, and the company has already supplied the IT system, which is still being used to process license applications and has produced over 100,000 cards to date.


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