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January 2007
Business cases

• SWIFT (Belgium)
• Sattjo (Albany)

• SPORT (France)
• Systel (France)

High availability for the fire and rescue services

Systel is a specialist solutions integrator for call centers handling civil protection alarm calls, and more particularly emergency calls to the fire and rescue services.

Systel develops and deploys a software suite designed to handle emergency calls to an alarm call processing center via the French emergency number 18-112. As the fire brigade relies heavily on this application suite in its call centers, it must be available 24 hours a day, and highly resistant to software or hardware failure. Therefore, Systel selected the Bull Evidian’s SafeKit high-availability software solution.

Christophe Renoud, Systel’s Marketing Manager, explains: "Systel is Evidian’s partner for its SafeKit 100% high-availability software solution. A number of fire brigades have already implemented Systel’s solution and the SafeKit high-availability software”.

Two major advantages of the SafeKit product that influenced Systel decision are, on the one hand, the ease with which the solution can be deployed (with no need for disk sharing) on standard hardware, and on the other, the fact that the SafeKit solution is multi-platform, so Systel can deploy high-availability in the Windows version of its software suite as well as in its Linux version.

More information about SafeKit

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