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February 2007
Business cases

• Customs agencies (Bulgaria)
• Social Security (France)

• NGO: Handicap International (France)

• Ministry of Justice (Hungary)
• Local authority (Netherlands)

Bull modernizes the Bulgarian Customs IT infrastructure with its 130 open servers

Bulgaria has faced a demanding set of challenges in becoming part of the European Union (EU). One of the major projects to be undertaken as a priority was to adapt Bulgarian customs to EU standards.
After Bull's success in 2005 in being selected as the developer and integrator of Bulgaria’s main customs tariff management system application – ITMS (Integrated Tariff Management System), which was successfully delivered at the end of 2006 – Bull was recently also chosen to supply the IT infrastructure for this key business application.

The Customs Agency’s existing environment was based on IBM AIX® servers. Bull used its expertise to propose a solution to the customer based on NovaScale Intensive and Universal servers and highly available large-scale Escala servers configured with the ARF (Application Roll-over Facility) solution and StoreWay FDA disk storage for the central site.
Another key element of the challenge faced by the customer was the geographic spread of its 96 customs offices, leading to a high administrative burden and cost of ownership, as well as heterogeneous IT equipment that needed to be connected to the central site, which could increase the risk of downtime. Here Bull provided a very powerful and cost effective solution based on NovaScale servers running RedHat Linux. Each customs office was equipped with a NovaScale Universal server connected to 10 regional sites, where a high-availability solution based on two NovaScale Intensive servers with Bull’s ARF and new StoreWay Optima storage are installed. Because Bull was able to provide the Customs Agency with a complete solution including its unique high-availability application ARF, which supports both Linux and AIX, the Group was one step ahead of the completion.

We have particularly praised Bull’s faultless involvement in the ITMS project,” said Georgi Grigorov, Deputy Director of the Bulgarian Customs Agency. “We chose Bull again because of its ability to provide a solution based on our existing environment, coupled with the flexibility of Linux-based solutions to deliver powerful scalability and performance, installing the high-availability ARF application in both environments to reduce systems administration complexity. This is a unique proposition in the marketplace” he added.

Taking into account the Customs Agency’s key challenge, we have proposed a multi-tier IT infrastructure (local offices, regional sites and central site), with the best value proposition for each level of the infrastructure: openness and scalability together with high availability at the regional and central levels. Major competitors could only provide a portion of the customer requirements; our proposal provides a solution based on open architecture, which gives the Customs Agency a wider choice for the future development of its environment” added Jimmy Char, General Manager of Bull in Bulgaria.

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