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February 2007
Business cases

• Customs agencies (Bulgaria)
• Social Security (France)

• NGO: Handicap International (France)

• Ministry of Justice (Hungary)
• Local authority (Netherlands)

Social security: Bull consolidates systems at 123 family allowance offices around eight regional centers

The ‘Family branch’ of the French Social Security system –– that pays notably family allowances –– forms an overall network constituted by the Caisse Nationale des Allocations Familiales (CNAF), 123 branch offices of the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) , along with eight regional IT processing centers (or CERTI) .In 2005 alone, France’s family allowance payments totaled €62 billion.

To ensure the level of personalized support its 11.5 million beneficiaries expect, the Family Branch has to be able cater for a huge diversity of situations. That is why, in February 2006, the CNAF launched an open tender to consolidate the 300 AIX® servers of its 123 CAF branch offices onto its eight regional centers, five of which are equipped with Bull servers, and three with IBM machines. The specification called for high-level AIX servers supporting virtualization and micro-partitioning. Two business recovery centers were also required

Bull has won this major consolidation project with a solution consisting of 22 Escala PL6450 P5+ servers running under AIX, distributed across the eight regional production centers and two business recovery sites. The maximum contract value is €26 million over four years.

Key success factors for Bull’s added-value proposition

The Family branch, like the other branches of the French Social Security system, have undergone some very profound transformations of their businesses with a view to economizing, becoming more efficient, and seeking to strengthen service delivery. Our aim is to offer personalized services to those entitled to benefits, while working to combat fraud. The information system is an important driver when it comes to successfully delivering these transformations. This consolidation project has been won by Bull because they offered a particularly powerful solution in terms of service continuity and cost. We also appreciated the technical input from Bull’s experts at Echirolles, notably when it came to virtualization and micro-partitioning,” commented Gérard Russeil, Information Systems Director for the CNAF.

Bull has been operating in the social services market for several years now, both in France and internationally. We have equipped production centers, and contributed to business application modernization projects, as well as installing customization and monitoring tools to help manage relationships with benefit holders. We are particularly proud of having won this major consolidation project, which has already got off to the best possible start and where the main bulk of the work is due to be completed during 2008, according to the schedule agreed with the CNAF,” added Joël Blanc, Managing Director of the Public Sector and Social Security Division, Bull France.


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