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February 2007
Guest contributors
“Open source will displace all proprietary software for the non-core elements of many application areas"
Interview of Kim Polese, CEO of SpikeSource

A worldwide leader in business ready open source software, SpikeSource integrates, manages and distributes open source applications through a global network of trusted solution providers. The company certifies complete solutions with an automated test framework that performs over 300,000 daily tests. The SpikeSource portfolio of SpikeIgnited solutions includes a comprehensive software update and support service called Spike™Net.
On January 30, Bull and SpikeSource formed strategic partnership.

Bull: Why was SpikeSource founded? What value do you bring to enterprises and to the open source ecosystem?
Kim Polese: SpikeSource was founded to accelerate the adoption of open source software. The co-founders, Ray Lane and Murugan Pal, set out to tackle one of the core problems of open source adoption, that of interoperability of the wide range of components that make up a solution stack. By applying process automation to a complex problem, SpikeSource is able to integrate, test and certify hundreds of components on a nightly basis, ensuring that applications will run reliably. We bring a broad range of business-ready applications to enterprises at lower cost than previously available. We are introducing enterprise-class functionality from innovative and fast-moving open source companies and projects.
SpikeSource works with many companies and projects in OSS to ensure that delivered solutions are supported. This is called a "federated" support model and is something that allows SpikeSource to contribute to the open source community by managing bugs and patches for open source infrastructure and application software.

What is your partnership strategy? Why did you choose Bull as a partner?
SpikeSource has no direct sales organization; all of our sales are delivered through channels. We look for channel partners globally which can work with us to accelerate the adoption of OSS. Bull is a logical partner because of their focus on open source, their reach throughout Europe, and their credibility and experience as a systems integrator for some of the largest enterprise companies in the world.

With many strategic announcements last year (Red Hat-Jboss, Oracle, Microsoft-Novell) the open source ecosystem evolves rapidly. According to you, what are the key OSS market trends for the future? What is SpikeSource strategy in this context?
Changes in the open source market signal the maturing of the open source industry and various open source business models. We see the strong penetration of open source in selected application areas such as software development, web hosting, data centers and embedded systems. We believe that open source will displace all proprietary software for the non-core elements of these application areas. However, we see a gap in the adoption of OSS as a packaged business solution. Packaged solutions require that there be a single vendor to support the entire software stack as well as that there be easy installation, update and management. SpikeSource is focused on these aspects of open source in order to bring OSS applications to a mass market.

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