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February 2007
Business cases

• Customs agencies (Bulgaria)
• Social Security (France)

• NGO: Handicap International (France)

• Ministry of Justice (Hungary)
• Local authority (Netherlands)

The city of Leidschendam-Voorburg in The Netherlands chooses Bull's MidOffice solution.

Digitization improves service to citizens and business processes

The city of Leidschendam-Voorburg has decided to implement the MidOffice solution provided by a consortium made up of Bull, Bentley Benelux, Circle Software and Seneca Web Development. The order was awarded after a European tender.
The consortium’s solution enables local government to provide services to their citizens through the Internet. This is achieved by linking front and back-office applications, and integrating them with workflow and document management systems. By the end of 2007, Dutch cities and towns must provide 65% of all their services through the Internet.

Rogier Dijkgraaf, consultant to Leidschendam-Voorburg stated: “As a local authority, we are always trying to improve our services to our citizens, both in our town hall and electronically. Using ICT solutions to provide more services through the Internet results in better customer service and efficiency. The providers we selected for this MidOffice solution all provide leading-edge solutions, and enable us to use the Internet more widely.”

The consortium

  • Seneca Web Development has already implemented the E-counter suite based on Smartsite Content Management Server, an important building block for the city front-office.
  • Bentley is supplying the components needed to integrate spatial data into the MidOffice solution.
  • Bull is supplying the message broker utility, using eMAXX Open Source technology.
  • Circle Software is providing the document and workflow management system, based on the Verseon platform.

An example of e-service

One of the projects being carried out is to set up a ‘Report on public space’, where citizens can report things like loose paving slabs or broken street lights. Using the Web form developed by Seneca Web Development, citizens can log complaints or problems in their neighborhood, 24/7. All the reports are logged into the Verseon ‘warehouse’ as new cases. Bentley’s geographical information system allows citizens to zoom in a digital map on the location where the problem has occurred, for a very detailed report. The case is received by the Bull and eMaxx solution, and transferred to the various applications involved in processing the case. Circle Software’s application keeps track of the status of the case and sends signals to any employees who need to act to solve the problem. Citizens can check the status of the case through the Internet application.


The city has set goals to modernize the way it provides information to its citizens. Rogier Dijkgraaf feels it is essential that a local authority has a clear vision for the future. In his view, digital services are not a matter of ICT, but an integral part of a change process. The city not only plans to provide on-line services, but also wants to digitize the entire process behind the services: “At the moment, on-line services are primarily window dressing, but we feel that digitizing the back-office process will benefit the citizens in the end.”

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