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February 2007
Bull announces the launch of NovaForge, an innovative, collaborative software development platform based on Open Source

As part of its industrial approach to the world of Open Source software, Bull is today launching NovaForge™, a secure, collaborative application development platform.

Reducing the development workload and the associated risks, optimizing timescales, improving the quality of deliverables, ensuring acceptance by the various players involved.
NovaForge is a comprehensive group of innovative services and tools, designed by Bull to help ensure a more professional and structured approach to software development and maintenance projects. The platform is based around Open Source components that are extensively used by Bull’s R&D teams in even the largest distributed software development programs, involving participants throughout the world and numerous Open Software development communities and professional contributors.

With NovaForge, Bull is aiming to respond to the complex challenges of developing business applications in an open world: pressure on timescales; the need to distribute developments between the front office, and back-office service centers or R&D facilities; bug-fixing, with the help of several different teams; assigning of experts; third-party maintenance; managing the numerous different parties involved; version control; alignment with industry standards; and interoperability.

As Jean-Pierre Barbéris, General Manager Bull Services and Solutions stated: “Bull’s aim is to bring a fully industrial approach to this field, where the growth and development of information systems has been speeded up as a result of thousands of individual, uncoordinated initiatives. We have brought together tools from various different Open Source software factories and other sources to create a powerful, rapid and simple toolbox: capitalizing on Bull’s R&D expertise and experience, and now available for the first time for anyone developing software code. Bull’s own Services Centers and R&D facilities worldwide – with their wealth of expertise, proven tools and methodologies – are already ‘Powered by NovaForge’, as part of a highly industrial, networked approach.

NovaForge is also available for use by customers

NovaForge can be used for application development or renovation projects in J2EE, PHP and .net environments, application maintenance on already-developed software components, and professional application testing. Having been used by Bull at its own large-scale computing centers since 2005, NovaForge is now being made available to customers who wish to use it in their own organizations, whether on-site or under ASP arrangements.

The platform is structured around five key areas:

  • The database: acts as a repository for best practice, as well as tried-and-tested and reusable tools and procedures
  • The collaborative space: a portal that enables information to be shared in a structured way, holds all the project data and documentation, and enables documents and technical prerequisites to be published dynamically
  • The development space: based around the NovaStudio™ development workstation, which uses the Eclipse component and other standard methodologies and tools, NovaForge provides real drivers to simplify and standardize the development process
  • Integration and testing: NovaForge provides the necessary structure and tools to ensure continuous integration and testing (‘nightly build’, unitary testing, quality measurement, performance measurement, rate-of-coverage testing…)
  • Project management: NovaForge offers both a shared view of project status, and the collation of performance indicators.

NovaForge is part of the Open Energy family of Open Source services from Bull.

Bull NovaScale servers: the first to feature quad-core Intel® Xeon® 3200 series processors

Increased performance/watt, energy efficiency, scalability and reliability for the new entry-level servers from the NovaScale Universal range

Bull has announced the single-socket quad-core T810 and T820 servers featuring the new Intel® Xeon® 3200 series processors, codenamed Kentsfield. Available in tower format, these entry-level servers used as file or print servers perfectly meet workgroup requirements. As with all NovaScale servers, the T810 and T820 servers are administered using NovaScale Master, the software suite developed by Bull to ensure ease of operation and reduce the management costs of IT infrastructures.

Available now, the key advantages of NovaScale Universal T810 and T820are:
Simplified installation and administration

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