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March 2007
Business cases

• Miracle Machines (Singapore)
• State Modernization Agency (France)

• T-Com (Germany)
• CRLR (France)

Bull and Miracle Machines enter into an OEM relationship to jointly address the High-Performance Computing (HPC) market in Singapore

NovaScale® servers will be the foundation for Miracle Machines’ range of HPC servers

Bull and Miracle Machines have signed a 5-year OEM agreement for Miracle Machines to integrate Bull’s NovaScale server technology and products into its own server offerings. Initial market focus for the partnership will be High Performance Computing.

Under the terms of the agreement, Miracle Machines will have access to Bull’s complete NovaScale product line-up, ranging from 2-socket systems to 32-socket enterprise computers, that it will integrate, customize and tailor as part of its product line under its own brand name. Miracle Machines will actively promote and sell the resulting products and solutions into the Singapore market.
The agreement covers NovaScale current products as well as all future NovaScale products. Both companies will co-operate in order to maximize market recognition for Miracle Machines servers. Bull will be providing technical, marketing and sales training to Miracle Machines, as well as engineering and support services, and both companies will be defining and agreeing upon a business and marketing plan, that Miracle Machines will execute with Bull’s support.
Financial terms and conditions of the partnership are not disclosed.

"We wanted to maintain our leadership in the HPC market in offering a complete range of scalable, high-performance servers. We have chosen Bull for the outstanding performance, openness, and scalability of its NovaScale servers, backed by its reputation in the HPC world”, said Dr Chuang, CTO of Miracle Machines.

We are pleased to set up this partnership with Miracle Machines, a company with significant HPC skills and market reach. Our business through OEM partners is critical to NovaScale market expansion, notably within the BRIC* countries where Bull has already tied sound OEM partnerships. Success is already there with Miracle Machines who has sold their largest single cluster. The server is used to develop a warning and alert system after the Tsunami accident in the Asia Pacific in 2005” declared Philippe Miltin, Vice President Bull Products and Systems.

Announced in March 2003, the Bull NovaScale server range is based upon its FAME architecture and the Intel® Itanium® Processor Family. Using market-standard building blocks, the FAME architecture represents a technological breakthrough for high-end, mission-critical servers, delivering significant improvements in price/performance.

Bull NovaScale servers have gained IT market recognition and won large customers, both end-user IT organizations and OEMs. They are used notably as data base servers and application servers as well as in HPC (High Performance Computing) applications. NovaScale servers are the foundation of the largest scientific computer ever designed and built in Europe.

*BRIC : Brazil, Russia, India, China

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