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March 2007

Information systems: heading towards freedom
In the same way as globalization and the convergence of IT and Telecoms will profoundly impact business ecosystems, information systems today are undergoing a far-reaching revolution. How can we liberate their full potential in an open world?

7i program and SWATS campaign
Bull launches its 7i program >>
Liberate your information systems with SWATS … and Bull
  Interview with Matthew Foxton, Communications Director, Bull >>

"I am convinced that the fastest route to breathing life into a brand vision is to signal a clean break. And our vision, positioning, and promise are those of an open world that provides a clean break from the existing one. Our SWATS campaign is a direct follow-on from our 2005 strapline, ‘Architect of an Open World™’. This campaign already suggested the theme of escape, and was also slightly tongue-in-cheek. So freedom was already at the heart of this campaign. Now we are bringing the actual liberators center stage. ">>
Manifesto >>
 Guest Contributor

Roger Parrié, Head of NICT (New Information and Communications Technology) projects at Bull.

Measuring achievement against targets >>


5th European Business Summit, Brussels,
March 15-16 >

CeBIT 2007 - Hanover, March 15-21>

2007 WCO IT, Veracruz, Mexico, 25 to 27 April >

Summit 2007, Phoenix, Arizona, May 1-4>

“In Brazil, a modern, comprehensive and effective nationwide border control solution"
Interview with Wilton Gonçalves Mota
Director of Customer Relations and Strategic Business, SERPRO>>

Hot topics

State of California selects Bull Services’ Business Intelligence solution to help improve health care outcomes, reduce fraud and abuse in Medicaid program.

OnAir has chosen Bull to develop a Business Support System for its in-flight mobile telephony and Internet services.

Business cases

Bull and Miracle Machines enter into an OEM relationship to jointly address the High-Performance Computing (HPC) market in Singapore.

Subvnet: an e-services project at the crossroads where e-government, modernization of the State and simplifying the public sector meet.

T-Com hits target: 87,000 employees connect to their applications every day using Evidian’s E-SSO.

Developing e-gov business applications in an Open Source environment.

At a glance

Bull NovaScale® Intensive server and Microsoft ® SQL Server 2005 deliver a new price/performance record-setting TPC-H benchmark.

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