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March 2007
• 7 initiatives • Interview with Matthew Foxton • Manifesto
Bull launches its 7i program
Seven initiatives to help businesses benefit from an open world

• An ambitious program to make Information Systems a driver for creating value
• A technological approach based on open industry standards
• Solutions supported by 7 initiatives launched throughout 2007

Bull launches its 7i program: seven key initiatives designed to help businesses reap the benefits of an open world. Combining the best in services and technologies, the 7i program aims to help businesses turn their information systems into drivers for creating value in a connected world, by facilitating growth, competitiveness and sovereignty.

More openness means better performance. To help businesses dare to be different, reinvent themselves, perform beyond the limit. Bull has brought together the very best of open technologies to ensure that its customers can leverage the full power of IT to deliver their strategies. Focusing on telecoms, servers, large-scale IS projects, business intelligence, High-Performance Computing, storage and security: in each of these areas Bull’s solutions will drive businesses as they develop and grow.

Today an open approach to information systems is vital if enterprises are to be as powerful, creative and flexible as their business demands,” explains Didier Lamouche, Bull’s Chairman and CEO. “Delivering the most effective combination of interoperability, flexibility, power and security is our constant concern. Bull has established an ambitious offering to help customers turn their information systems into drivers for growth and innovation in the business ecosystems of tomorrow.

Free up business potential
By co-ordinating Bull’s expertise, services and solutions in seven key areas for tomorrow’s information systems, the 7i program is setting out to help enterprises and CIOs benefit from a networked world, by building bridges between heterogeneous worlds, and by encouraging the ability to interconnect, mobilize collective intelligence, and foster synergies.

So the seven key initiatives are aimed at giving organizations seven kinds of freedom:

Ensure that information systems are real engines for growth

1 – Freedom to ALIGN INFORMATION SYSTEMS WITH BUSINESS IMPERATIVES by designing and integrating flexible and open applications for business ecosystems.
Bull will notably be drawing on its unique expertise in open middleware, and on the collective capabilities of its international service centers around an innovative application development tool, based on Open Source software - NovaForge.

2 – Freedom to ACCELERATE INNOVATION thanks to innovative solutions in High Performance Computing (HPC). As European Number One in HPC, and the manufacturer of the most powerful supercomputer ever built in Europe, Bull is particularly interested in contributing to the democratization of HPC, simplifying companies’ access to the simulation solutions that are so crucial to successful innovation.

As systems integrator for some of the most ambitious business intelligence applications in the world (including Medicaid systems in the USA), Bull wants to help businesses implement open business intelligence solutions, so they will be able to collectively utilize and transform this information into value.

Ensure that information systems are real drivers of competitiveness

4 – Freedom to MANAGE KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL by optimizing data flow management. Faced with the 40% increases in data volumes every year, Bull will apply its unique expertise particularly in consulting and integration in the data storage arena, to help organizations manage and gain greater value from their information capital: from the data collection to the archiving stage.

5 – Freedom to GAIN IN FLEXIBILITY, with open and flexible IT infrastructures.
From deployment to outsourcing, Bull will provide even greater ability to optimize application ecosystems on open enterprise servers, combining the openness of industry standards and mainframe-class reliability to build the powerful and flexible data centers of tomorrow.

6 – Freedom to ENCOURAGE EXCHANGES, any time and anywhere.
Among the world leaders in mobility and telecommunications systems integration, Bull will deliver its innovative expertise in value-added services (VoIP, mobility, etc) to operators and businesses, to help them develop the telecommunications solutions of tomorrow.
Ensure that information systems are central to sovereignty

7 – Freedom to GUARANTEE TRUST with innovative and trustworthy IT security solutions, managing everything from user identities to public key infrastructures. An essential guarantee in an open world where independence and sovereignty are vital to the development of businesses and public sector bodies alike.
These initiatives will be rolled out across all the major sectors where Bull operates, including: telecoms, the public sector, health, industry and defense.

Breaking down barriers and building bridges between worlds
The 7i program draws both on Bull’s capacity to design and integrate innovative information systems, and on its wide network of partners, and will facilitate bridge-building between the two worlds, and encourage technological cross-fertilization and interoperability: for example, between Microsoft and Open Source, Net and J2EE, telecommunications and computing... In particular, Bull will be relying on its pioneering approach to foster collaborative development: an area where Bull has an outstanding record as a pioneer of industry standards, in Open Source software and middleware (OSDL/Linux Foundation, ObjectWeb/OW2, JBoss, etc), for servers (NovaScale and Escala), and in data storage (StoreWay).

An audacious publicity campaign under the SWATS banner
Bull’s seven key initiatives program is supported by an international, Web-based publicity campaign. This decidedly ‘militant’ campaign has chosen to use humor: creating and bringing to life the SWATS (Secret Warriors Against the System), a group of peaceful dissidents, who have set themselves the task of liberating users and companies from their ‘closed’ information systems.

Using the language of dissidents and the kind of distribution media used by activists to call for the advent of an open world, the campaign will roll out in three phases: Surprise, with an initial teasing phase (dedicated internet site, ‘viral’ video, press release signed by the SWATS), Explanation, with the revelation of Bull’s Seven key initiatives; and Bringing it all together, with the progressive launch of the seven initiatives themselves, which will take place from March to November 2007.

For further information on the Seven initiatives and the MANIFESTO FOR AN OPEN WORLD see:
See also the SWATS campaign site:

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