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March 2007
Business cases

• Miracle Machines (Singapore)
• State Modernization Agency (France)

• T-Com (Germany)
• CRLR (France)

Developing e-gov business applications in an Open Source environment

For several years now the French government has been deliberating over a restructuring project for the local public sector treasury and accounts framework. In the context of an agreement with regional authorities, the General Directorate of local authorities (DGCL)) and the General Directorate of Public Treasury (DGCP)) have designed a budgetary and accounting statement known as M71. As of 1 January 2007, three regions using the SAFIR software application have joined the M71 scheme. The Languedoc-Roussillon region was responsible for producing the SAFIR application: the financial and regional intervention analysis system (or Système d’Analyse des Finances et des Interventions Régionales).

In 2004, the Conseil Régional Languedoc Roussillon embarked with Bull on the preliminary stages of a project to re-write all the component modules for this financial management application. This project was called S@fir. Next, the project was broken down into several parts depending on the effect that M71 would have on various different S@fir modules.

To meet the challenges posed by this huge development project in a J2EE environment, Bull used its NovaForge collaborative development platform. This platform enabled Bull’s teams to use a UML (Unified Modeling Language) modeling framework, and to integrate on-going testing and integration procedures.

Mid-2006 saw Bull embarking on the fourth stage of the project, with the migration of data, user training, and keeping the whole system running efficiently now that it is in operation.

Throughout this contract, Bull has also demonstrated its capacity to take the customer’s different outsourcing development needs into account in parallel. Since 2005, Bull has provided third-party application maintenance services for all the customer’s business applications, as well as desktop outsourcing and operational support for users of the network, PC workstations and server installations.

Today, 15 Bull engineers are working on this customer’s site.

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