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March 2007
Business cases

• Miracle Machines (Singapore)
• State Modernization Agency (France)

• T-Com (Germany)
• CRLR (France)

Subvnet: an e-services project at the crossroads where e-government, modernization of the State and simplifying the public sector meet

In 2008, a portal dedicated to managing requests for grants and subsidies from public sector services in France is due to go on line, under the auspices of the State Modernization Agency, the DGME (Direction Générale de la Modernisation de l’Etat). The aim of the new portal is to simplify the approach taken by voluntary sector organizations seeking grants, and optimize and share decision-making to ensure better use of the sums being allocated.

The on-line process will use a shared file of grant requests, joined defined by the State and local authorities, and covering all stages from the initial input and monitoring of requests, to the results of the instruction, for users as well as for the public services involved.

Subvnet is a major project on a national scale, which is at the heart of the modernization of the French State in a number of ways:

  • It is a simplification project for applicants, because it provides:
    - ‘One-stop shop’ kiosk (one place to submit all requests for grants, manage their progress and get project updates)
    - A permanent file for the applicant (to store all the necessary information forms for instructing the payment of grants)
    - The use of a unified grant application form
    - Support for the creation of a register of public subsidies, to help improve understanding of the procedures involved and direct the holder towards the relevant agencies that may be able to help
  • It is a co-ordination project, because it enables all the initiatives being implemented by public sector bodies in France to be brought together under a single system
  • It is an innovative project, because it takes an original approach – that of sharing information between project owners and public sector partners – around a shared file of grant applications. This involves making it easier access and instruct requests on line, in a spirit of transparency between the public services and the users.

Bull is defining and implementing the functional and technical solution, including:

  • Defining the functional specifications
  • Developing the portal
  • Creating the permanent file for each voluntary body on line
  • E-enabling the some 200,000 annual requests for subsidies, through a request for a unified subsidy payment
  • Creating a public sector aid register
  • Ensuring interoperability of exchanges between public sector players, by standardizing the data being used, and so making it easier for that data to be integrated in management applications used by State bodies and local authorities.

The technical solution is based on a Java J2EE-type application infrastructure. It is built around four categories of components:

  • Bull FlexStudio™, a Web application development and operational environment designed by Bull, which includes forms management (Bull FlexForms) and workflow engines (Bull FlexFlow)
  • External components from the Open Source world (JOnAS, Log4j, OpenOffice)
  • The PostgreSQL RDBMS
  • Code developed specifically for the business application and the service-specific components.


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