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March 2007
• 7 initiatives • Interview with Matthew Foxton • Manifesto
SWATS Manifesto

The open world is gradually establishing itself, marking a break with the world known by businesses until now. It is a world in which businesses are no longer afraid of change because they know how to prepare for it and make the most of it. It is a world that allows businesses to draw on the collective intelligence of their surroundings, at any time and in complete security. This is what it means to develop in an open world.

Being open means being able to share ideas, expand on them, cooperate and speak the same language as your partners, suppliers and customers. It means acting and reacting in real time, leading from the front and not being afraid of changing strategic directions.

Today, being open is a question of common sense. Do you need to continue to be a victim of technology companies’ rivalry? Or can you put yourself in a position where you are in control of this diversity? Businesses no longer need to be held hostage by a particular manufacturer, software vendor or their past choices. They should be able to develop freely.

Technology should no longer dictate what businesses do. It is now up to companies to seize power over technology. They need to stop developing on a stop-and-start basis, with narrowly designed systems. Businesses must refuse answers like: “Sorry, the system wasn’t designed like that at the time”. Rather than a constraint, the past must provide the building blocks for the future.

This has become a necessity if businesses want to continue to be effective, inventive, reactive... front runners in their industry.

Technology should therefore allow businesses to be one with their market and to share information and ideas all the time. It should provide them with the power to be able to imagine the future today, the security to protect their secrets, the flexibility to evolve with the market.

This world can exist. Today, we have decided to make it real and to go further by focusing our efforts on seven initiatives aiming to free businesses from the shackles of technology once and for all. Seven initiatives that will allow businesses to embrace change. Seven initiatives so that technology will finally live up to its promises, providing a driving force for companies’ growth. Seven initiatives that will enable your organization to communicate, innovate, manage its knowledge, make decisions, act and react, and grow at the rate you want, without having to worry about whether your IT system will be able to keep up. Because it will be right there with you…


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Welcome to an open world


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