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March 2007
Business cases

• Miracle Machines (Singapore)
• State Modernization Agency (France)

• T-Com (Germany)
• CRLR (France)

T-Com hits target: 87,000 employees connect to their applications every day using Evidian’s E-SSO

German telecom provider T-Com has reached the milestone of 87,000 workers connecting each day, demonstrating the superior performance of Evidian’s E-SSO software to answer the expectations of large organizations. T-Com chose Evidian’s E-SSO to authenticate users, self-register thousands of accesses and provide single sign-on to its employees.

In order for its users to self-register and easily access 70 applications based on heterogeneous technologies, T-Com has deployed Evidian’s E-SSO agents on their desktops.

The key factor in T-Com’s choice was the simplicity and robustness of Evidian’s solution. Considering the volume of connected users, seamless integration with the existing IT infrastructure, including Microsoft Active Directory and heterogeneous applications, was mandatory.

Multiple innovative functions were critical to help T-Com achieve this large E-SSO deployment — and Evidian was ideally placed to deliver them. A straightforward architecture was deployed, with a small number of servers, to ensure highly available backend services for administration and thousands of simultaneous user authentications.

T-Com is part of the Broadband/Fixed Network (BBFN) division of Deutsche Telecom, a large telecom provider with 40 million narrowband lines, over 9 million broadband lines and 14 million registered Internet customers.


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